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Lexington Plus Review – That’s What Safe and Reliable Trading Looks Like

Tired of everyone talking about safe trading platforms and great security features? If that’s the case, I am sure you are here to discover something that will definitely make you happy. My Lexington Plus review is about a company that I think will give you the true taste of trading reliability and safely. It is not just talk. This firm is all about delivering what it promises and I will show that you to by providing you with more information about it in the review.

While there is a lot that I can talk about, but today, I will focus only on the reliability factor and safety features that make this platform better than most others out there. So, let’s go and do it.

AML, CFT, KYC, Segregation, and Encryption

Just look at how many different words I have used in the heading. If I had to summarize them all into one word, that word would be safety. When you trade with Lexington Plus, you will feel see these safety features implemented. Look at the website address and spot the HTTPS in the beginning of the URL. That shows you that you are on a safe website. The company uses 256-bit encryption to ensure your information is safe and every penny you drop in your online account goes into segregated funds. Now, let’s talk about some important privacy and data protection policies and acts.

The company adheres to the CFT, KYC, and AML. Here, AML stands for anti-money laundering, which is a policy designed to prevent the platform from being used by money launderers. KYC means Know Your Customer, which is a policy designed to identify each and every individual who signs up on the trading platform. Lastly, you have CFT act, which stands for Counter Financing of Terrorism act. You can already tell what this one is about. The company adheres to all of them to be as transparent and safe for its legitimate traders as possible.

Safety with Trading Accounts

You will even feel safety when you sign up with one of the five trading accounts available on Lexington Plus. The first one is available for only a deposit of 5000 EUR. This means a safe start because you don’t have to spend all your life’s savings to start trading. The commission you pay with the first account, called the Micro account, is only 1% of the trade. Bring it down to only 0.5% if you go with the Premium, Platinum, or Gold Member account. Other than the Micro account, you have a dedicated account manager with all of them.

Aside from the Micro account, you also have proper training available to all the traders who sign up with other trading accounts. In other words, you can see how a new trader will feel safe when starting with Lexington Plus. Don’t forget, you can trade on your mobile phone or the desktop computer because this platform is available on both.

Huge and Impressive Asset List

Believe it or not, this asset list is going to get your attention like no other. You have assets to trade from six different asset classes. This means you will be in the financial markets from around the world at the same time. Whether you prefer forex currency pairs for their liquidity or metals like gold, silver, and platinum for how safe they are as investments, you will find them all on this platform. Also, you have commodities that include wheat, sugar, oil, and gas. You can trade stocks from the biggest tech, logistics, retail, transportation, automotive, etc. companies of the world. Yes, you can trade indices too.

Final Thoughts

So, I think it is time for you to think what this company is not doing right? With great security measures, a huge asset index, a mobile and web-based trading platform with extremely small commissions, what else is it that will convince you to sign up with Lexington Plus? I am sure you will make the right decision before it is too late.