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Laser hair removal: 7 Advice for before and after!

Laser hair removal is an effective way to remove hair from your entire body or from a specific part. It is therefore normal for both women and men who are looking to eliminate body hair to use this technique. In a world where people constantly seek to improve the aesthetic side, laser hair removal has become a popular method. Contrary to what is sometimes heard, it does not promote the emergence of diseases. However, it is a procedure that can have serious consequences for those who are not well informed. That is why it is so important to choose a suitable clinic for this practice. We would recommend 3D Lipo London Laser hair removal.

If you are thinking of having laser hair removal sessions, there are factors to take into account both before and after the process. In this article, you’ll discover 7 points that you should pay attention to so you don’t have any discomfort at both times.

What to do before laser hair removal?

1.  Check when was the last time you plucked the fur

If you decide to start this type of treatment, pay attention to the last time you had depilation done by other means. If you have depilated using wax, depilatory machines or other techniques that pull out the hair at the root, it is advisable to allow a period of one month until you work with the laser.

2. Avoid sun exposure

In the two weeks before laser hair removal, try not to expose yourself too much to sunlight. The same goes for using self-tanning products and going to the solarium. Put all that aside for this time.

3. Depilate using conservative methods

A day or two before starting the process, shave with a razor or with a shaving cream. This hair cut should, of course, focus on the exact area where the treatment is to be applied. If you don’t do it in advance, the professional you turn to should cut the hair before starting the laser process.

4. Make an appointment with a dermatologist

Prior to the first laser hair removal session, it is also recommended that you seek advice from your dermatologist. Schedule an appointment to get a specialist’s opinion and understand the state of health you are in. Be careful with the signs and scars that you eventually have on your body. Also, don’t forget the history of skin problems (if any), as well as accurately assessing your phototype (skin style).

5. Stop taking antibiotics

If you are taking a medication that involves taking antibiotics, you will have to discontinue it. If you cannot do this, then laser hair removal should be postponed. The light from the rays, when combined with the effects of these drugs, makes the skin more susceptible. This means that, consequently, there will be a greater propensity for the onset of joint pain and even fever.

6. Protect the skin

On the day you perform the depilation, spare the skin contact with any substance that causes burning. That is, refrain from putting on perfumes, deodorants, moisturizing creams with alcohol and the like.

7. Take a shower with mild soap

Still on the day of the session, take a shower calmly and wash the areas that are subject to the laser rays well. Preferably, use a mild soap and set the shower water to a lukewarm temperature.

From there, relax. If you have read and checked everything correctly, you are ready and in full condition to start the treatment.