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Kucoin| What is the safest way to store bitcoin?

KuCoin, a cryptocurrency exchange that began in 2017, has become one of the world’s largest digital asset platforms by offering a diverse range of trading pairs and cryptocurrency-related services.

Michael Gan and Eric Don, the company’s founders, established the platform to provide a safe and simple exchange for the worldwide community to invest in and trade digital money.

The idea behind the crypto trading platform is to provide virtual asset transaction and exchange services to consumers by combining premium assets from across the world with a cutting-edge transaction platform.

 KuCoin core products:

KuCoin offers a wide range of products and services, including a trading platform, an iOS and Android app, Futures, Indexes, Margin Trading, and a Lending Program, to name a few.

Trading platform:

KuCoin’s trading platform was developed from the ground up to assist both novice and experienced investors, and many complicated capabilities and tools are available, allowing traders to personalize their KuCoin setup.

App for mobile:

Users can also trade with the exchange’s iOS and Android mobile trading apps. Traders can, for example, switch between Markets, Trading, Futures, and Assets with a single click, choose an order type and pair, and complete the transaction with ease.

Lending program:

The lending program on KuCoin is a bonus feature; in this case, lending your digital currency allows you to earn on your investment. The coins will be mainly used to fund margin accounts.


Not only do hacks and frauds affect markets, but client demand for virtual currency declines when security breaches occur.

KuCoin claims to be utilized by one out of every four cryptocurrency traders worldwide, putting it vulnerable to cyber threats. Well-known cryptocurrency exchange is thought to be more secure. Therefore KuCoin must position itself as one of the most high-profile, trustworthy platforms.


The KuCoin crypto exchange was designed to meet financial industry standards, with bank-level asset and data encryption protection to ensure the safest possible environment for all transactions and account holders. To secure the safety of your assets, we use a variety of security approaches, including micro-withdrawal wallets to protect your real-time withdrawals, multi-factor authentication, multilayer encryption, and a dedicated internal risk control department.

Safeguard Program for KuCoin:

The “Safeguard Program,” a crypto asset and industry security alliance dedicated to providing complete protection and support to people and industry security alliance dedicated to offering complete protection and support to people and institutions harmed by “security Technical assistance, evidence archiving, asset confirmation, and offering preferred policy are all examples of this.

The ultimate goal is to unite the crypto community to fight cybercrime by providing security, legal, and asset recovery assistance.


KuCoin is great if you’re a seasoned cryptocurrency market trader looking for features not accessible on Coinbase or Gemini, such as access to hundreds of altcoins not available on other exchanges.

We believe that more established platforms like Coinbase, Gemini, or eToro are better bets for US-based traders.

Suppose you’re a more experienced crypto trader looking to earn additional tokens by lending your crypto to others and trading cryptocurrency futures and leveraged tokens. In that case, KuCoin could be a good fit. This exchange is not recommended for newbies or people who are not crypto aficionados because the UI is not intuitive.