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KuCoin Trading App On Google Play Store -overview and details

KuCoin is a renowned crypto exchange platform with over 18 million users worldwide. The platform provides excellent service throsugh its mobile application, both available for android and apple users. And here are the seven reasons to use it

 Easy Sign-Up 

The great thing about this trading platform is that as a user sign-up on the application, it just asks for little information rather than other mainstream platforms, which have a much tiering and stricter sign-up process. In just a matter of minutes, you are up on the forum, ready to trade. Yes, the trading on the platform can be done as low as $2. You heard it right. As minimal as $2, you can start selling.

Awesome UXD 

First, the mobile application has an excellent interface and is comfortable for interaction, even for long hours. The live trading could be done both in day and night mode, based on users’ preferences. Most traders tend to trade daily in the marketThe UI (user interface) is designed to keep in mind their comfort.


The trading is best for other reasons too. As you sign-up or login into the application, you see live games through which you earn thousand of a dollar or get Bitcoin and Altcoin equivalent which sounds like an excellent opportunity for more crypt making with minimal investment to join in the game and play it, prize money always increases with time as the platform attracts more users and it became more robust.


The application provides a great feature of Bot-Trading which means an automated robot would be actively trading for you to earn you profit from buying and selling your coin, keeping in market trends for those who don’t have much time to participate in market trading daily actively this is an excellent feature for them to earn through this, while other platforms charge for bot-trading it is entirely accessible on Kucoin.


The application has developed a part for the users to get informed about the cryptocurrency news worldwide. This helps the traders to gain insight into the futures trading and market trends from different sources. Rather than being completely uncertain about markets, the trader is now enabled with this feature to make better trading decisions that earn profit out of their investments and avoid losses. All of the news is provided by verified and reliable sources.

Here is it: realitytime.org

Leverage Trading Final Verdict

The application also provides the feature of leverage trading for the trades, which means the Bitcoin and Altcoin trading could be done in bulk like $20,000, and earn a return up to 100X for future trading and 20X set as the default option with that being said it is highly advised for the beginners to understand fully before doing these sort of trading as it is recommended mainly for experienced traders.

We could say that Kucoin mobile application is a star performer and highly recommended for quick and fast crypto trading with a 4.5 rating on the play store with 91k reviews signifies its excellence from the users.