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Korean Social Casino Game App Development Agency

The South Korean government has strict social game rules, which are valid for online casinos. For example, auto-betting and inviting friends to play PvP games are not allowed with a casino site(카지노사이트) or natural. Instead, the game must reasonably match random players. In contrast, slots are subject to stricter limitations. For instance, users cannot use in-game currency to make bets, and only secondary money from other games can be used for this purpose. These strict regulations make it challenging to launch slot game services in Korea and ultimately affect their profitability.


In the late 1970s and early 1980s, video games were the subject of pre-censorship in Korea. Despite changes in the country’s democratization in the 1990s, pre-censorship still applies to all game content, including social casino games. Consequently, it isn’t easy to offer social casino services in Korea. In addition, the country’s strict gambling laws only allow games with American-style and video slots.

In 2015, South Korean gaming giant Netmarble invested in Crenova, a South Korean social casino game app development agency. The company saw the vast potential in the social casino game industry and sought to expand its presence abroad. Moreover, Korea has a supportive environment and skilled developers. The country’s mobile device makers also provide a steady stream of fresh innovations, making it the perfect location to develop social casino games.

DoubleU Games

DoubleU Games is a global game development company based in Seoul, Korea. Their portfolio includes the DoubleU casino game, DoubleU bingo, and Wookie Casino. The company distributes these products in over 200 countries and has 16 million active users. In 2014, DoubleU Games reported average growth of 317 percent and generated US$60.6 million. However, the company plans to expand into other markets such as Latin America and Russia.

In the US, a lawsuit against DoubleU Games has brought the company to the center of a legal battle over illegal gambling apps. DoubleU Games argued that it is not illegal to participate in social casino games in the US, despite the plaintiff arguing that they are. Further, the plaintiff had misconstrued the law and claimed that social casino games were illegal gambling. As a result, the company stated that such lawsuits have a limited impact on gaming providers.

Krafton Game Union

If you are interested in a quality social casino game, consider contacting a Korean social casino game development agency. The company is based in Gwacheon, South Korea. Its principal subsidiaries include NC En Masse, Rumble Games, and NC Plarium. These companies are world-class publishers and developers of mobile and casual games. They hold annual conventions and have development studios around the world.

According to its IPO prospectus, Krafton generated 4.3 trillion won in sales, making it the second-largest in Korea after Samsung Life Insurance’s listing in 2010. Most of the proceeds will go towards purchasing game developers. In the meantime, the company plans to increase the number of social casino games it develops. The company’s growth has been attributed to its strong craftsmanship. But how do you go about hiring a company in Korea?

Spinx Games

The social casino game app market has become a profitable niche, and SpinX Games is a successful example. Founded in 2014, Spinx has generated $432 million in revenue since its launch. Last year, it generated $141 million in revenue, and in the first half of 2021, its revenue reached $286 million, up 46 percent from the previous year. According to Statista, the global social casino game market was worth $6.2 billion at the end of 2016 and is expected to hit $100 billion by 2024.

Netmarble, the global leader in mobile gaming, recently acquired the mobile casino game developer SpinX Games. Spinx Games is a leading developer of social casino games for mobile devices and is responsible for several of the top-grossing titles in the genre. As a result, Spinx Games will be a valuable addition to Netmarble’s global expansion strategy.