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Knowing What You Can Eat is a Bushcraft Essential

Bushcraft like improvising a shelter, making a weapon, or producing fire are basics that one must have in case of being lost or isolated in the wild.situs bola These skills maybe necessary but what is most important is knowing what you can eat when you are out there.

If you eat, most likely you will have the mental capacity to think of other ways to survive. Food will keep you calm and supply the energy that you might need to move from one point to another or face life threatening situations.

In the wild, there are basic survival food categories. What you can get will primarily depend on your location and the tools that you have with you. Here are the foods that you may have in the wild:

Wild Berries

The rule of thumb in the wild is that if it tastes like blueberry, strawberry, or raspberry, most likely it is.

Wild berries maybe the most basic bushcraft food that you have to be aware of. You may want to find out other substitutes like june berries, wild currants, rose hips, cranberries, blackberries, wild cherries, winter green berries, bear berries, and thimble berries.

Foods from the Water

If you are in North America, it will be easy to remember that all freshwater fish are safe to consume. Even with your bare hands, you can catch small fish if you can find the right spot to wait for them. Wait for them where they commonly swim or lead them to shallow water where you can easily trap them. You may also improvise a line for fishing and use worms or insects as baits.

Other choices may be obtained from lakes and streams. You can pick up shell fish like mussels, clams, or mollusks and boil them. You can also have crayfish with their meaty tails.

Insects and Bugs

Some insects may cause you harm. You might want to stay with grasshoppers and wood grubs. You can find grasshopper in grasslands and the wood grubs in rotting big logs. They are a great source of protein and you can prepare them by removing the wings and legs. You can make a tasty barbecue out of these crunchy crawlers.


It might be next to impossible to capture wild birds without the proper weapon but it is worth a try. If you have a gun or the bushcraft bola then you can give it a try. There are birds that nests on the ground and it will take a few rock throws to capture them.

You can also go for the eggs that are left in the nests on tree tops or those which lay on the ground. It will be very easy to improvise and cook these eggs.

Larger Animals

It will be very difficult to take down a large mammal if you don’t have a gun. It will still be quite a challenge if you have spears or other bushcraft weapons. The priority will be to meet you basic survival needs like shelter and fire. Try to look for easier catches like those mentioned above before attempting to go for the big catch.

Small animals like the porcupine though can be hunted using a sizeable rock. Be careful of the spines and clean them from the underside. They can be tasty as well and a good source of protein to help your muscles while in the wild.

From bugs, birds, and mammals, you have to think of how you can use bushcraft or your wilderness skills to make sure that you have a good food source for the day. Remember that eating will be key to your survival in the wild.