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Kitchen equipment from other worlds

As former French President Jacques Chirac once said: “You can’t trust people whose cuisine is very bad”. The customers of catering establishments understand this very well, even though they do not see the cooking process itself. If for an ordinary housewife is still forgivable to have standard kitchen equipment, for a professional chef – it’s a crime. At the same time on the market, you can find not only high quality but also unusual devices that will definitely appeal to every chef.

list of kitchen equipment that can change the way you think about cooking

Human ingenuity is not limited to the multicooker – there are a huge number of interesting devices. Let’s get acquainted with the most striking “kitchen” representatives closer.

Oven for pizza on the stove

To cook Italian pizza according to all canons, you need an oven. Not every restaurant can give enough space to install it. To help, there is a pizza oven on the stove – a special device that heats up to 600 degrees. It’s enough to place the equipment over the working stove – and your customers can enjoy a dish cooked according to classic recipes.

Corn Kerneler

Cleaning corn is a separate art form. Without proper dexterity, it’s easy to damage the cob, get your clothes dirty or lose your “teeth.” The result is a messy kitchen and frayed nerves for the workers. The solution is a corn kerneler, which is a grain mill, but for corn. With just one motion, you get a plate full of tasty kernels.

Cutting board over the sink

Cutting vegetables is inevitably accompanied by splashing and tossing from the board to the sink. There’s a more elegant solution on the market that eliminates the need to mess up your kitchen. A cutting board above the sink can be placed and secured right above the bowl – your workers will no longer have to splatter the juice of vegetables in all directions.

Steam cleaner for the microwave

Cleaning a microwave oven takes effort and skill (unless, of course, you want to take the whole thing apart). If you often work with this appliance, it is worth paying attention to a special steam cleaner. The device is placed in the chamber of the microwave and after turning it on, it begins to spray a special solution, cleaning the walls. Employees will pay more attention to cooking rather than general cleaning.

Double sandwich machine

A classic breakfast is unthinkable without sandwiches. Preparing the popular dish for one person is not difficult, but if you need to please a large number of visitors, the ideal solution is to speed up the work at least twice. Equipment has appeared on the market that allows you to prepare sandwiches for two people at once. You just need to load three tiers of the device with the right ingredients, and in 5 minutes the dish will be ready.


You can cut vegetables with a knife, or you can entrust the cutting to a special tool. The spiralizer allows you to “twist noodles” from most foods, from potatoes to zucchini pasta. For vegetarian establishments, such a device is a must-have.


The multicooker is not the latest stage in the “evolution” of cooking devices. Its advanced thermomix shape allows you to make soups, purees, sauces, and even ice cream. You can turn on the water bath and steam cooker function if you wish. Great for restaurants and cafes alike.

Where to buy the best gadgets?

A large selection of professional devices and tools is better to order through online stores – as a rule, their catalog is always wider than in traditional retail outlets. A good choice is commercial kitchen equipment from Thailand. The Thai market is one of the most voluminous in offering unusual devices in the world.

If you find a good supplier, you can expect the purchase to be:

  • cheap;
  • convenient;
  • fast.

An example of an online store offering kitchen equipment from Bangkok – Kitchenwaremarket. Its catalog includes thousands of different appliances, from a potato machine and hamburger maker to a Singaporean dessert maker and a convection oven.

Cooking, as Ferran Adrià aptly puts it, is at the intersection of philosophy and creativity. A competent chef knows that every dish is a work of art. And in culinary business, the question of tools with which the master is wielding is extremely important. Kitchen equipment from Thailand is an option that is definitely worth considering when upgrading the arsenal of your establishment.