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Is this your birthday month? Make your party fun with DIYs

Is this your birthday month? Happy birthday!

Birthdays are so fun, right? A great party and delicious food are all you need to have fun with your friends and family. This time you will be able to take your party up a notch with the help of paper. Yes, paper. You can make your party stand out by adding some DIY elements with paper. Not only is it a cost-effective option, but it also allows for endless creativity and personalisation.

So, let’s get started with DIY-ing.

  • Ditch The Balloons And Opt For Paper Garlands – Balloons are the most common and popular item when looking for birthday decor. But they can be harmful and dangerous to the environment. So why not, this birthday, ditch the balloons and opt for paper decorations? Don’t worry, they are just as pretty and will surely make your party unique.

Making paper garlands is very easy. All you need are some colourful sheets from your favourite A4 paper company, glue, thread, scissors and markers. Now cut the length of the thread depending on the desired length of the garland. Cut down equal size triangles from colourful sheets. Now half the work is done. Next, you need to spread out the thread and align the triangles on it so that the base of each triangle is touching the thread. Glue or tape it together, and it is ready. You can write happy birthday on the triangles or decorate them however you like.

  • Make Your Own Party Hats – Making your own party hats is always a hit. You can personalise them or make them as per the theme of the party. Before you start thinking that all this is okay, but it is too much work, stop that thought. Making hats is extremely simple, and you will just require a few things to get started.

To begin with, you need some colour paper from the best A4 paper company in India, like JK Paper. Apart from this, you will require glue or tape, pom poms, colours and anything that you need to decorate your hats. Start by cutting a big triangle and rolling it into a cone. Then tape or glue it. Now poke two holes on either side of the hat and tape a thread to wear it. Your hat is ready, it’s time to decorate it. This is where you can get creative. For example, if you are holding a Disney-themed party, you can name your hats accordingly and let your guests choose what they want to be.

Not only are these DIYs with paper a fun and creative way to add some personality to your birthday party, but they are also eco-friendly alternatives to store-bought decorations. If you’re looking to add some fun and creativity to your birthday party, do give these DIYs a try. Lastly, happy crafting and a very happy birthday!