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Is Carrot Juice Good For Acne?

Vegetable juice has many vitamins and nutrients, it’s lower in fiber and calories as compared to fruit juice.

If we talk about carrot juice, this vegetable is full of nutrients and vitamins. Primarily carrots have beta carotene, which is converted into retinol and is definitely the purest form of vitamin A.

  • How does beta carotene reduce acne?

The beta carotene present in carrots makes it an efficient source for controlling sebum production from sebaceous glands and this in turn reduces the risk of acne burst on face.

Vitamin A in carrots battles with acne and diminishes the rate of cell death to lessen sun damage. Carrot juice is an excellent cleanser so it also helps to beautify your skin. When you drink carrot juice, the surface tension of water in your body releases, and the pressure on your skin also reduces. Moreover carrot juice can remove scars too.

  • Does carrot juice reduce sun burns?

Yes, it’s true that carrot juice can help to fight sun damages as well because it contains falcarinol which is an antioxidant. Being an antacid it also assists in getting rid of acidic conditions. A study has shown that a diet rich in carotenoids helps your skin to fight with UV damage.

  • How much carrot juice should you drink?

Well there is a Hindu proverb, “Even nectar is poison, if taken to excess” Similarly If you take carrot juice more than the requirement of your body, you will suffer. Large volumes of carrot juice will make your skin look Orange, a condition called Carotenoids. It can also lead to tooth decay. Therefore keeping up a record of your diet plays a key aspect for your health. If you drink carrot juice, at a modest rate, then It will certainly help with acne and other skin problems.

One serving of carrot juice is half a cup, which contains 25 calories, that is 6 grams of carbohydrates. It is fair enough to have one serving a day.

  • Nutrients in Carrot juice

Carrots are  both Vitamin A and beta carotenoids rich, which are important for skin health. Carrots also contain zinc minerals. Retinol (vitamin A) is used in several acne medicines. Tretinoin can be used as an oral form of vitamin A, but should be taken under medical supervision. Isotretinoin can also be used in severe conditions. The clearade acne treatment also involves vitamins dosage present in carrots. So from this point of view the curative properties of carrots are important and considerable. Vitamin A in carrots helps to improve eyesight and allows us to see in dark light.

  • Can carrots cure cancer?

According to research, there’s a compound called falcarinol, as mentioned earlier, which was seen to have some anticancer properties. Some rats were fed with this compound and they showed one-third lower risk of developing colorectal cancer as compared to the rats which were not fed with falcarinol. Similarly as cranberries, which are linked to the lessened risk and slower progression of certain cancers.

  • More benefits of Carrot juice

Besides the number of benefits discussed above, the nutrients and vitamins present in carrots can help with many other things as well, which involve:

  • Since carrots are full of nutrients and very low in calories, they can help you lose weight while still giving you required nutrients
  • Carrot juice can boost immunity, the vitamins present in it help you to build antibodies.
  • Carrot juice and its seed can increase the number of sperms and boost testosterone in males.
  • Due to low calories in carrots and the presence of potassium in it, they can also help to control blood sugar level.
  • Carrots have fiber so they can keep your body healthy and reduce the risk of heart diseases
  • A recent study has shown that carrots help to lower blood cholesterol and so it can reduce the risk of plaque in arteries.
  • Conclusion

After reading the whole article, we can come to the conclusion that carrot juice is exceptionally beneficial for health. It can promote eyesight, protect your skin from sun damage, helps fight diseases, lowers cholesterol and most importantly If used carefully, It can cure all kinds of acne problems, which was the main point of concern in this article. How can someone not eat such a veggie that has literally all kinds of health benefits hidden in its tasty flavour.