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Is a Gastric Balloon a Safer Weight Loss Method ? 

Yes, a gastric balloon is a medical tool that is effective for weight loss. The non-surgical procedure is done by inserting a special inflatable inside the stomach of an obese patient to fill up space as well as and reduce the capacity of the stomach’s food intake.

This causes the patient to feel full sooner, thereby limiting the number of foods to be in modest portions.

The strategy is brief. Balloons are removed after six months of placement.

Safety and Possible Side Effects

The adjustable gastric balloon approach to shedding body weight is safer than surgery. It is very safe and completely reversible. It is uncommon to experience any serious side effects after the procedure.

No gut impediment of any kind. As far as the gastric balloon approach of losing weight is safe, that doesn’t mean it’s also free from possible complications during the procedure; but these are rare.

Possible complications during placement may include perforation, esophageal, or gastric ulcers. Also, when the balloon gets deflated during the procedure, there could be a blockage.

When Gastric Balloon May be Used

Obesity is life threatening. For years, obesity has been said to lead to other deadly health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, and several heart diseases.

When different means to treat obesity failed, the gastric balloon approach of losing weight has proved to be effective.

This effective medical device can be used on the following patients :

  • Patients who have more than 30 Body Mass Index (BMI) ;
  • Patients who are willing to partake in a medically-managed lifestyle and behavior improvement program ;
  • Patients who are unfit to exercise or use a certain diet.

On the other side, these patients are advised not to use the gastric balloon technique to lose weight:

  • Drug abusers and alcoholics ;
  • Those allergies to tools used for the procedures ;
  • Patients who have had bariatric surgeries ;
  • Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women.

The procedure of Using the Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss

Before the procedure, a patient will be placed on total sedation.

Inserting the gastric balloon in the stomach is not complicated. The procedure takes less than thirty to complete.

Your doctor places a flattened delicate silicone gastric inflatable into your stomach through your throat. Next, the special balloon is loaded with a saline solution, which implies that your stomach can hold less food as more space is taken.

After the procedure, the balloon is left for about six months in your stomach. Your stomach will resume normal work after the removal of the gastric balloon, so it’s a temporary solution. Patients should commit to living a healthy lifestyle after the overall procedure.

Weight Maintenance with Spatz gastric balloon

Treating obesity Spatz gastric balloons has been an effective strategy. The balloon helps you get full faster than you usually do. It means you will be eating less. Different weight loss results have been recorded using the gastric balloon. Most patients lost between 15% and 30% of body weight. The benefits of Spatz gastric balloons are enormous.

The gastric balloon method of losing weight is a very safe approach. Finally, a healthy lifestyle is needed after a gastric balloon procedure. Visit Spatz’s website for more information.