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Introducing The FUT 22 Shapeshifters Team 1

Shapeshifters Team 1 has high-rated items representing footballers such as Leo Messi, Son Heung-min, Eden Hazard, Jeremiah St. Juste, and Leonardo Spinazzola.

Don’t miss cheap FUT coins offered at discounted prices only on FUTeamGo! The Shapeshifters event has begun in FUT 22. This campaign features some of the world’s best known footballers. The trick is that they are not like usual. You will notice that the cards have other positions. How will you integrate these cards into your teams? They open up several possibilities. It’s fun to play with Shapeshifter cards. The campaign features two premium selections. Team 1 is already out, so fill up on FUT 22 coins from FUTeamGo and start playing with the Shapeshifters now! We will also have Shapeshifters that come from SBCs and Objectives. Let’s first take a look at the cards that are part of Team 1. They have good stats and high ratings.

FUT 22 Shapeshifters Team 1 Player Items

Leo Messi

Position: Center Forward.

OVR: 99.

Stats: 95 pacing, 98 shooting, 99 passing, 99 dribbling, 42 defending, 78 physical.

Plays For: Paris Saint-Germain.

Son Heung-min

Position: Striker.

OVR: 97.

Stats: 97 pacing, 97 shooting, 93 passing, 96 dribbling, 52 defending, 82 physical.

Plays For: Tottenham Hotspur.

Eden Hazard

Position: Center Attacking Midfielder.

OVR: 96.

Stats: 98 pacing, 95 shooting, 93 passing, 99 dribbling, 45 defending, 75 physical.

Plays For: Real Madrid.

Alphonso Davies

Position: Striker.

OVR: 96.

Stats: 99 pacing, 92 shooting, 91 passing, 96 dribbling, 90 defending, 91 physical.

Plays For: Bayern Munich.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Position: Left Wing.

OVR: 95.

Stats: 99 pacing, 95 shooting, 90 passing, 93 dribbling, 44 defending, 83 physical.

Plays For: Barcelona.

Youcef Atal

Position: Center Midfielder.

OVR: 95.

Stats: 99 pacing, 90 shooting, 94 passing, 96 dribbling, 91 defending, 90 physical.

Plays For: Nice.

Leonardo Spinazzola

Position: Center Defending Midfielder.

OVR: 95.

Stats: 99 pacing, 84 shooting, 90 passing, 95 dribbling, 92 defending, 90 physical.

Plays For: Roma.

Pierre Kalulu

Position: Center Back.

OVR: 94.

Stats: 92 pacing, 60 shooting, 83 passing, 84 dribbling, 94 defending, 90 physical.

Plays For: Milan.

Jeremiah St. Juste

Position: Right Wing.

OVR: 93.

Stats: 99 pacing, 93 shooting, 90 passing, 91 dribbling, 84 defending, 93 physical.

Plays For: Sporting CP.

Nordi Mukiele

Position: Center Back.

OVR: 92.

Stats: 93 pacing, 60 shooting, 82 passing, 86 dribbling, 92 defending, 91 physical.

Plays For: RB Leipzig.

Hector Bellerin Moruno

Position: Left Back.

OVR: 92.

Stats: 97 pacing, 65 shooting, 91 passing, 92 dribbling, 88 defending, 86 physical.

Plays For: Real Betis on loan from Arsenal.

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