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Instagram Hacks & Features You Didn’t Know

We all use Instagram on a daily basis but stay unaware of some of the less known features and hacks for Instagram. These features and hacks cannot just help you improve your Instagram response but also help you get more control over media. If you’re looking for ways to step up your Instagram game, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some hacks that you can use to make your Instagram account more successful.

  • Create a products catalog and sell products better: If you are looking to start selling products on Instagram, one of the first things you need to do is create a catalog. By creating a catalog, you will be able to have all of your products in one place and be able to share them with potential customers easily. To create a shop on Instagram, simply go to your Instagram profile and click on settings. Now click the shopping option from the list and click ‘products’, choose the product catalog you find suitable and you are done. Now you can tag your products just like you would tag other accounts and people. Make sure you have a business account on Instagram to do this.
  • Download any Instagram content easily: We have all had times when we wished to download content from Instagram but weren’t able to. But now you can download any Instagram story, video, post, reel etc easily to your device using different third-party tools. InstaDP is one such powerful Instagram tool that allows users to download any Instagram content easily to their device. The tool works free of cost and without registration. You need to simply download the app or access it from the official website of InstaDP. Now simply enter the username of the person to download any of their media or simply view content anonymously.
  • Hide photos you have been tagged in: You may have recently been tagged in a photo on Instagram by someone who doesn’t quite understand your relationship to social media. Or maybe you’re just not comfortable having your photo out there for everyone to see. Whatever the reason, you now find yourself in a situation where you want to hide a photo on Instagram that you’ve been tagged in. Fortunately, Instagram makes it easy to do just that.  To hide photos simply open your profile and click on the ‘tagged photos’ section it is just adjacent to your reels section, here you can see all the pictures you are tagged in. open the picture you wish to remove and click on the three dots to open the options. Now select ‘remove me from post’ or ‘hide from my profile’ option. Now you are no longer tagged in the post.
  • Send disappearing content: You can send content that would disappear once your friend has seen it. To send disappearing content simply tap on the message icon on Instagram. Now click the + sign given under the notes option. Now write a note or attach other media and share it with your friends. Once they have viewed it it would disappear from the chat.
  • Convert stories to reels: Need content but have nothing in mind? Now you can make most out of your stories by simply converting them into reels. To do so you need to simply open up the story you wish to turn into a reel. Now tap on the options button to reveal the options list and choose ‘convert to reel’ option. Now edit the story normally as you would edit your reel and post. This way you can convert any of your stories to reels and mask more views easily.