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Important factor for SEO – Link building

If you are someone who wants to implement SEO for a website, backlinks are one of the important factor which largely helps in improving site ranking. Search engines like Google discover new web pages through these links on basis of the quality of the content. If a link is good, google tend to prefer it more and provide better ranking. We exactly don’t know how the algorithm works but over time Google usually figures out which links are real, useful and natural then other forced, spam or forum links. The page rank algorithm used by Google is continuously evolving – initially it used to analyse the content to rate the link but now, it also looks up how many other people are related to that specific link. SEO services providing companies stress on building links from one quality content page to another so that google can understand the pattern Activeseoshield is one of leading companies which provide diverse link type such as editorial sites, blog and many more. 

What is link building?

It is a term which describes how the SEO professionals acquire links for their content. Link would lead more people to the content and in turn increase the ranking of the web page. The links should be natural and of good quality. They should have good anchor text so that it is easier for search engine to get hold of them with relevant content. Having some words about content in your anchor text will break your echo chamber and increases chances of google fetching your link when search for the same subject by some user. Another factor is the authority for the page linked. If you link your page to a high authority page, it will impact your link as well and in turn will increase the ranking of your page. Apart from the authority, the relevancy also matters. For example, if you have a site about football, and if there is a link from a page about physics- it is of no use and not counted. 

It is also important to place your link anywhere on your page but more preferably at a position where it is more accessible and users tend to click on it. Talking about the content on the page, it should visually be appealing with mix of diagrams, infographics, texts and charts. If the content is all text it may get monotonous and may not be appealing to users and thus they would not prefer that specific page. It is recommended to have text in list format which would be easier to read and also attract more users. Lastly, there are chances of having broken links on your page. They should be removed or it’s admin should be contacted to revert it and replace with a working and better quality link for your page.

To conclude, link building is an important step to get better and relevant audience on your web page and in turn organic growth for your page. The better quality links your page have would rank it better in search results.