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Huawei Headphone Jack Adaptor

The USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack adaptor lets you connect accessories that use a standard 3.5mm audio plug, like headphone or speakers, to your USB-C devices. It’s a simple trick that does the trick. The universal adaptor is compatible with a wide array of phones such as Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel and more. The aluminum casing bolsters its durability and is scratch resistance. With the flexible TPE rubber, it does not succumb to stretching or bending. From the house of Huawei, this USB-C adaptor has been an ideal device for those people looking to be assured of their device’s safety. Additionally, this device is known to give users good sound quality. It is also well made which guarantees that it will last for long time. The compact sizing for this cable will help in ensuring that you carry it everywhere you will be going. Use your 3.5 mm headphones and earphones with your USB-C compatible smartphone or tablet. The USB-C reversible connector allows you to insert the adapter into your smartphone or tablet with ease. Compact adapter for easy portability.High quality materials for the ideal sound. With the majority of smartphone brands doing away with the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack in favour of a single USB Type-C port, most of us are left looking for alternatives for connecting our headphones while listening to music. In such cases, Type-C adapters with headphone ports can be a great alternativeA good little device for all of us who still like our wired headphones or headsets, this USB C male to 3.5mm headphone and USB C adapter is perfect for the job. You can charge your phone or tablet while listening to music using headphones or talking using a headset. It will also allow your device to fast charge just as it does when plugged in directly to the charger. This Huawei adapter is pretty tiny compared to all the other adapters available that do the same job. You don’t get a length of cable here or any flexibility because this adapter is made of metal and is pretty sturdy. The DAC is capable of 24-bit/48 kHz audio, and if your headphones have any controls on them, they will work here too. The adapter will still work with Dash charging or whatever the fast charging system is on your phone. You can charge and take a call simultaneously, but you cannot use this for data transfer as you would a standard USB C cable to connect to a computer or laptop. Use your headphone with your huawei or connect to your sound system. This tiny device lets you enjoy stellar sound output that spices up your entertainment needs. Huawei always does best for users.