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How to wear and select lace front wigs

It’s difficult to comprehend wigs without discussing the term “lace front”. Regardless of your hair color, skin tone, or your hairstyle, there are lace front wigs to fulfill your needs. These wigs range from human hair lace front wigs to synthetic lace front wigs, bobbed and short lace front wigs to curly lace front wigs, and many more. Let’s get a bit of a deep introduction to this famous wig construction.

An introduction to lace front wig

The lace front wig consists of a sheer lace attached at the front of the wig to which synthetic hair and human hair have been tied manually. They have gained much popularity because they perfectly mimic the naturally growing hair and make it quite difficult to differentiate them as a wig. 

The inclusion of lace has revolutionized the wig industry. Due to lace wig falls perfectly over the head leaving very little or no space between the skin and wig. As the lace encourages the air passage so it makes the wig breathable. It has versatile options allowing the wearer to style according to their needs while retaining their original hairline.

So here is the question that if lace offers so many benefits, why they aren’t used in the entire manufacturing of wigs. Because the lace is so fragile and sheer so there are always higher risks for tearing and ripping. So lace front wigs are the best combination, giving the quality of lace and endurance of other materials.

However, still, there are wigs named full lace wigs that are entirely manufactured from lace and are 100% knitted by hand. So, No doubt, lace front wigs are the best balance between durability and natural beauty.

The durability of lace front wigs

So the question is how long does a lace front wig last? The answer depends on the upkeeping of the wig. Generally, the lace front wigs manufactured from synthetic hair last for an average of one year, while the lace front wigs manufactured from human hairs have an average shelf life of 3 years, with good care.

How to wear a lace front wig

The hefty fear for wig wearers is that they will get noticed by people. There are a lot of questions that a beginner confronts. How to know that this wig is ready for wearing? Will it be an exact fit for my head shape? How to make sure that it wouldn’t slip. Here is the step to step instructions to answer all these questions.

Conducting a skin test: Firstly check whether you have any sensitivity or allergy towards your adhesive. For this purpose take a little amount of adhesive and apply it to some sensitive part of your skin. Wait for 15 minutes and if there is any redness or irritation do not proceed further and try a different brand.

Flattening the hairs: Before putting your wig on, you need to prepare your hair first. If you don’t have hair or your hair is too small you will need a hairline to secure your wig. Small hair can simply be brushed back, while in the case of long hair use pins to make different flat sections of your hair.

Putting the wig: To make the wig a perfect fit, hold it close and slightly tilt your head and then place the wig at your forehead and then move back like a bathing cap. Now align the wig with a natural hairline. Now make it adjustable neither too tight nor too loose. Adjustable straps can be used inside the wig to adjust according to needs.

Lace front wigs are the best alternative for natural hair look. They provide a perfect and dynamic experience, allowing the wearer to try different styles. 

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