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How to Tackle Depression in Pet Dogs?

Just as humans can give in to depression, likewise furry babies can also experience bouts of extreme despair. If you sense any signs of intense grief in your pet doggo, reflect on what aspects of your pup’s life have changed. Contemplation is necessary, so you know the factors contributing to your doggo’s hopelessness.

Abrupt changes in social situations, immediate environment, or health issues can significantly alter your pet’s mood. If such alterations negatively impact your fur baby’s physical/mental/emotional health for a prolonged period, they may need a vet’s help urgently. Pet insurance NZ can cover accidents, injuries, specific illnesses, dental issues, pet health emergencies and more.

However, most insurers don’t cover pet behavioral and psychological conditions, even with cheap pet insurance. Read the policy disclosure statements closely before purchasing a policy, so you are aware of what health conditions are covered in a particular plan and how much you may save in the meantime.

Meanwhile, this article focuses on some of the reasons for dog depression and a few ways to potentially heal depressed dogs.

Top reasons for a dog suffering from depression

  • It can be due to trauma associated with abuse or injuries.
  • Severe pain or chronic health conditions can hamper a pet’s morale.
  • Living alone for extended periods with none to care.
  • Surviving the loss of human companions.
  • Isolation after suffering an injury or surgery.
  • Lack of stimulating activities in a hyperactive dog’s schedule.
  • Pet parents returning to work after a vacation or extended work from home days.
  • Stressed pet parents pass on the vibes to their pets, making them worried too.

How can we heal depressed dogs?

The first step to resolving an issue is to understand where the problem stems from. Observe your fur baby’s symptoms to discover the underlying cause of their misery. One of the best things about dogs is they can quickly adapt to changing scenarios. Even with a bit of extra care and affection, you may notice significant changes in your pup’s mental/emotional state.

Organize playdates

If your pet doggo is missing a furry mate, the best thing to do is gather their fluffy companions in your house, garden, or backyard for a playdate. You may also consider adopting another canine or a feline pet, so your fur baby has company to hang around.

Plan stimulating games

It can be as simple as taking your pet out for a lengthier stroll, gifting them puzzle toys, engaging in swimming or other adventure activities, setting up an agility course, etc. Provide a variety of enrichment tasks, so your doggo enjoys them utmost.

Allow private time

Your fur baby may also need some time in solitude once in a while. You can watch what your pet is up to from a distance without bothering them. Provide a snug dog bed and toss in some of their favorite treats, toys, plenty of water, chews, puzzle games, etc. Your pet may enjoy the comforts and playthings available but if they don’t seem too happy, you can join them and have double the fun.

Feed well

Change your doggo’s meal menu every day. Offering different food items can make meal time more interesting for your pet. They may look forward to the meal time and hopefully complete their meals. Also, your dog might enjoy moderately warm food and a combination of dry and canned food so they can munch and lick their food bowls happily.

Try these hacks so your pet pooch may resume its usual self soon. Puppy parents can see a positive transformation in their pet dogs through consistent efforts. However, it demands much patience.

Pet parents looking to buy pet insurance in NZ must double-check the benefits of a policy before purchasing. Know that your fur babies may be covered for only accidents, third-party liability, non-routine vet visits, prescriptions, and a little more with cheap pet insurance. However, with a more comprehensive plan your pet can be covered for specific illnesses and dental issues. So, carefully compare the several pet plans and choose the best fit for your pup and budget.