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How to score maximum in JEE Physics

JEE is one of the prestigious examinations. The examinations are for students who wish to pursue their careers in engineering fields. Candidates who qualify for JEE Mains will appear in JEE advance. Students who score well can seek admissions to top colleges. Students who qualify for JEE advance will be able to seek admission in IITs. The exam is conducted twice a year by the NTA organization.

 It consists of three papers- one for B.TECH; second for B.ARCH; third for B.Planning.

Why is the JEE examination important? 

The exam requires a lot of hard work. This is one among those examinations which will bring fruitful results for the candidates. It should be respected like other examinations. Following are the importance of JEE examination- 

  1. It helps students to secure future job opportunities.
  2. The student will be able to lead a stable life.
  3. It helps students to develop their own identities.
  4. It teaches them to explore new opportunities.
  5. It helps them to decide which career opportunity is best for them.
  6. JEE preparation helps to build in-depth knowledge in major science subjects. 
  7. It helps students to shine with flying colours.
  8. It teaches the students the value of hard work.
  9. Students will come across their potential talents.
  10. Students can seek admission to top Universities which will develop their bright careers.

Top books for JEE mains

It is important to choose the study material. Study material is the only source of good marks. One should always choose the right study material. Carry deep research before choosing any kind of study material.

Following are a few important books that will help candidates to score well in JEE exam

  • NCERT Class 11 and 12
  • Concept of Physics by H.C Verma
  • Arihant Physics by D.C Pandey
  • NCERT Class 11 and 12
  • Organic Chemistry by M.S Chauhan
  • Inorganic Chemistry by O.P Tandon 
  • Physical Chemistry by O.P Tandon
  • NCERT Class 11 and 12
  • Mathematics by R.D Sharma
  • Mathematics by R.S Aggarwal
  • Calculus by Arihant

Tips and Tricks to score well in physics

With the help of the JEE exam students can master their thoughts. There is nothing like passing or failing in JEE. There is only a clearing cut-off. To get success in the examination, students should follow the below-mentioned outlines-

  • Mind preparation- before starting preparation for any competitive examination, one should have a clear-cut mindset. Once decided, there is no going back. This examination requires a clear focused mind. 
  • Study syllabus- before beginning, have a clear vision of the physics syllabus. Collect all sources of study materials. Like NCERT, modules, reference books, previous year’s question paper, etc. 
  • Note making- one should study physics by writing. Always begin this subject by practising the concept in writing. Writing makes studying easy. It helps to memorize the concept fast. Physics is a practical numerical-based subject. This is one of those subjects which cannot be mugged up. 
  • Follow healthy habits- students should keep in mind that following healthy habits will keep their bodies healthy. Follow healthy eating habits. Avoid any kind of junk food. Stay hydrated. Provide the body with a balanced diet.
  • Make a proper schedule- students should study the subject from the beginning of the year. Never take these subjects for granted. The subjects can either be losing or scouring. It all depends on one’s hard work. Right from the beginning, give equal study time to these subjects.
  • Stay focused- If candidates really want to crack JEE physics, then staying focused is a must. Stay away from all the sources of distractions. Avoid social platforms, spending time at parties, wasting time watching television, etc.
  • Proper revision- candidates must do revision on a day-to-day basis. Make a separate revision copy. Make a separate copy for formulas and theorems. The proper revision will help to score well in these subjects. Solve previous year’s papers, watch educational videos, motivational videos, etc. Students can also refer to the JEE Main Physics Revision Notes.
  • Proper sleep- Students should keep in mind that they should not load themselves by study pressure. Give your body adequate time to relax. The human body is not a machine, it needs a proper relaxing time. If one does not follow this, it will lead to sickness.
  • Stay positive- never overload yourself with negative thoughts. Stay calm and relaxed. Never let these thoughts overpower you. Positive thoughts create positive outcomes.
  • Test yourself- Candidates should test themselves by facing various test series. These test series will provide them with a basis regarding their potential. With help of this students can overcome their fears and nervousness. They can master their weak areas.

Tips to remember on the examination day

The examination is one of the biggest days. Here all the practice and hard work will show its results. Students should reach the exam center before half an hour. Recheck exam ID and hall ticket before entering the examination hall. One should take a healthy diet on the day of examination. Do not skip a meal on the exam day.

Students should follow the following tips on the day of examination

Do’s  Don’ts 
Read the question paper carefully. Never skip reading the question paper.
Relax and calm your mind. Do not rush while solving the questions 
Answer accordingly to the question asked. Do not fill in the wrong candidate’s details.
Solve rough work on a separate sheet. Do not create nuisance in the examination hall.
Think twice before choosing the right option. Do not carry any sort of electronic device with you.
Recheck your answer before submitting it. Do not answer if the question is not familiar as wrong carries negative marking.



Students should keep in mind that physics needs good practice. JEE mains is one of the future deciding examinations. Study the important topics well. Without hard work, luck will never be favored. Luck will only support the deserving candidates who work hard right from the start of the year. Stay focused and calm. Try to bring out the best results from you.

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