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How to Record PC Screen With Audio

The first step to record PC screen with audio is to find the toolbar icon for screen recording. It will look like a window with a circle in the bottom right corner. Click it. You will notice that the area around the circle is bright and a rectangle appears. This area will be the recording area, and you can move or resize it as you want.


The screen recording software enables you to record audio and video from your PC. The application works with both microphones and speakers. Once you have installed the software, you can easily start recording your PC screen. You need to be connected to the Internet in order to record videos. Once you have connected, a red recording bar will appear on your screen.

The software allows you to record a part of your screen or the whole screen. The recording file is up to 10 MB in size. The recording process can be paused or stopped using a hotkey. The recording can be exported as a video or GIF.

Once you’ve recorded the screen, you can use ShareX to save it to a GIF file or to an image file. You can also record text and convert it to plain text. This screen recording software is compatible with low-spec PCs, as it doesn’t require a lot of resources. The iTop Screen Recorder¬†is a powerful free Windows screen recorder and video editor that helps capture any movements on your desktop.

ShareX has an unappealing user interface, but it offers some impressive tools. It has a feature set comparable to paid services, and you can customize the options for your video. Even though it’s PC-only, it can compete well with most other screen recording programs.

OBS Studio

To record PC screen with audio, you can download an application that does this. OBS Studio is one such application. It can be used to record a screencast by selecting the appropriate option from the source menu. It also allows you to save your screen recordings, take screenshots, and set a specific time when recording should end.

After installing OBS, open the application. You should see several options, including the option to record specific browser windows. In addition to this, you can also record the entire screen. To record the entire screen, click the “+” symbol and select the Display Capture source type. Once you’ve chosen the source, click OK. The recorded screen should appear in the video folder.

To record PC screen with audio using OBS Studio, you need to select the appropriate output option. OBS supports the MPEG-4 video format, AVI, mov, and gif files. You can also add audio using the Audio Mixer. Once you’ve chosen the output format, you can adjust other settings. Choose High Quality for a medium-sized file, while FLV or MKV are best for smaller video files. You can also change the audio recording path by selecting the appropriate audio device.


If you are looking for a way to record your PC screen with audio, you can use Dropshare. This popular sharing application allows you to record audio and save the recording to your synced cloud accounts. The first step to recording your screen with audio is to click the microphone icon and choose a microphone recording setting.

Having the right tools to record your screen can make the process much easier. If you don’t have the right software, screen recordings can be a time-consuming process. Moreover, screen recordings are typically large video files that are difficult to share through email. However, with Dropshare, you can easily share your recordings from any device. The program is available as a Mac and Windows download and also has apps for cell phones.


If you’d like to record the screen and audio of a PC, you should download Loom. This free screen recording software lets you record a desktop from a webcam or microphone. The app is easy to use and includes editing features to help you make high-quality videos. It’s also one of the best free screen recorders available.

Once you’ve installed Loom on your computer, you’ll see a menu bar at the top of the screen. Click on “Custom Access.” This option lets you add email addresses to the recording for people who wish to subscribe to it. You can then post the recording on websites like YouTube. You can also trim and stitch the recordings together with Loom, which gives you a great deal of flexibility.

Once you’ve downloaded Loom, it’s time to configure your account. You can customize your settings, and add emojis, comments, and email notifications. You can also choose whether to start Loom automatically and to automatically update software updates. You can also set whether you want your recordings to have a default animated GIF thumbnail or a custom thumbnail. If you have a Pro account, you can also set your own custom thumbnail. The best thumbnails are JPG or PNG files that are at least 1,366 by 768 pixels.

Windows 10’s Xbox Game Bar

If you want to record screen activity with audio, you can do so using Windows 10’s Xbox Game Bar. Open the Game Bar by pressing Windows + G keys. Alternatively, you can also click on the Xbox button or press Windows + Alt + R. A recording window will appear on the screen. Click the “start recording” button, which looks like a circle. Press OK, and the recording will begin. You can also save the screenshot to share with friends on Xbox Live.


First of all, you must have the right hardware configuration to record Windows 10’s Xbox Game Bar. Ideally, you should be using a Windows 10 video card with one of the encoders mentioned above. If your computer is not compatible with the Xbox Game Bar’s default audio codec, you won’t be able to record your video.