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How To Promote Your Fundraiser With A Video Maker

We live in a digital world where the internet plays a big role in everyone’s lives. It has changed how we do things from online banking to e-gaming. As a non-profit organization, double your efforts to stay visible and accessible where your patrons’ hang out. If you do not include online video marketing in your campaign strategies, you are missing out. Thankfully, this link to a video maker assures you can effectively market your advocacy. Seek donor support for your causes with the right video content.  

Utilizing a Cool Video Maker Makes Complete Sense in This Digital Era

Videos rank high when it comes to different content formats. Firstly, we are all too busy to read long articles. Secondly, videos say a wealth of information in a shorter time frame. Thirdly, videos stimulate more senses. Unlike plain images, text, or podcasts, videos assure we understand the message. Most of all, amazing videos attract the most attention. It also assures the best engagement rates.

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Hence, you must create an excellent fundraising video. Make a great pitch that assures potential donors will support your program. Remember, we modern people love sharing videos. This is a surefire way to raise more funds. Here’s how to utilize a video maker to create hype and gain momentum for your fundraising programs. Let’s get started with an online video strategy that guarantees better results.
Utilize Digital Solutions For Creating Unique Social Media Updates That Garner Tons of Attention

Studies show that over 5 billion people in the world possess a mobile gadget. Also, we are all guilty of downloading at least two social media apps within this device. Most of all, we constantly check these apps. We peek at them throughout the day to stay connected and updated. Thus, if you genuinely want to maximize exposure for your advocacy, use social media. Create stunning video campaigns for your profiles. These mind-blowing statistics should convince you:

  • Every single day, 4 billion people watch videos on Facebook, the leading social network. 
  • Active Facebook users watch an astounding 100 million hours of video content daily.
  • Each month, around 2 billion active YouTube users visit the platform. 
  • YouTube account holders watch over a billion hours every single day. 

Don’t forget that we also view videos on other platforms. We love TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other landing pages. Clearly, you need a video maker to create catchy video materials to promote your fundraisers. As much as 91% of entrepreneurs in the United States capitalize on social media marketing. Hence, if you want to remain visible to your donors, send them messages where they can see your campaigns. Most importantly, videos on various platforms garner the most attention. You expand your reach with every share, like, and comment. 

Embed a Stunning Video Fundraising Pitch on Your Official Website For Maximum Exposure

Every marketer knows that stunning landing page videos work. They possess the power to attract website visitors and convert them into supporters instantly. Thus, if you wish to have stronger fundraising support, embed stunning videos on your official website landing page. A vibrant pitch created with a video maker effectively shares your message. Let your visitors understand your nonprofit’s goals. 

Best of all, with a click of the play button, you state your purpose in 30 seconds or less. This kind of clarity is something that plain audio, text, or images cannot accomplish. Wonderful videos just make a great impact on the audience. Thus, you must capitalize on your video maker to create the following :

  • Explainer videos for everyone to know your advocacy
  • Testimonials clips coming from your recipients and donors
  • How-to demo guides to show where to donate
  • Background videos showing the recipients benefiting from the donations
  • Slideshows of pic collages of your volunteers in action

Get Crafty By Placing Video Links on Emails to Everyone In Your Subscriber List

Increase support for your fundraiser by using your video maker for emails. Although it is difficult to embed a full video, you can craft a catchy GIF that’s clickable. This works well because subscribers get redirected to your official site or YouTube channel. Additionally, this increases traffic and assures engagement.

Best of all, cool emails are also highly shareable. Hence, impress your recipients with a video clip and a catchy title. Even if they don’t donate anything, they can also help you by forwarding the email to everyone on their contacts. You’ve got warm leads in your subscriber list. Take advantage of that by creating touching videos that assure support. 

Create Wonderful Videos To Promote a Live Fundraising Event to Wow Everyone

If you have a live event in the works, use your video maker to impress everyone. Firstly, release a stunning video invite for prospects to buy tickets to the live event. Secondly, use your digital editor to make an on-the-spot AVP during the event proper. Your guests would love to see how everything was put together, including the registration process. 

Lastly, do a video recap summarizing what transpired. Thank everyone! Send this as an email message and include a link to your spokesperson or charity bank details. With a video maker’s drag and drop features, even newbies can create stunning videos. Your digital solution allows you to add the following: 

  • Text
  • Graphics
  • Effects
  • Animations
  • Transitions
  • Sound effects

Showcase Where the Donations are Going to Show Proof and Legitimacy for Your Cause

Finally, do not forget to utilize your video maker for accountability. As the one at the helm, you need to be transparent to the donors. A non-profit’s integrity cannot be questioned. Thus, you must show all your patrons how their donations are used. Create a heart-rending video showing how the recipients benefit from the donations.

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As an added bonus, when donors see real faces of people they helped, they form an attachment. Consequently, they feel more driven to support your program. If you need help for future fundraisers, you can count on the same patrons. After all, they know you’re a legitimate non-profit that puts their donations into good use. 

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