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How To Manage Mental Health Of Kids?

There are times in life that are very crucial and when we talk about student life, especially boards and competitive times are one of them. It requires a lot of dedicated hard work, and along with that, students have to deal with the pressure of family, peer pressure, and failure, and it leads to an impact on their health. So in this article, we will talk about the different types of stress and hurdles students face and how they can overcome them.

First of all, let’s first understand what this academic pressure is? You know to excel in the classroom, score maximum marks, and get the best output, every student wants to work in their life either with the assistance of their teachers offline or online with the help of different features like learning management system, ERP, and more. But if they can’t fulfill this, they feel anxiety, low self-esteem, and somewhat depression. These things harm not only their career but also their mental health. So how to not fall into this.

Reduce self-imposed pressure 

Often, we get harsh on ourselves and put an extra burden on marks and academic stress. So try to understand that you are just making yourself more down by imposing extra pressure on yourself. Instead, try to learn and utilize your time in your hobbies, aim, and other things which will add different qualities to you and your profile. And later on, even these can help you to grow in the academic field. Various universities have additional quotas for sports development or in the field of literature.


 Often, we decide for life just by selecting goals achieved by our relatives or neighbors; for example, I want to become a doctor because my neighbor got selected, and she got 3rd rank in neet. Try to avoid this; if you don’t have a specific aim, try to take the help of a career counselor to learn about yourself and your area of interest. And if you want to qualify for one specific exam like neet or IIT jee, don’t burden yourself with a lot of things; learn to achieve goals in small goals. Try to give mocks and learn from mistakes slowly; steps and dedication will surely help you achieve the goal toonily.

  1. Handling the family pressure – Many families keep expectations from their children, and it’s completely healthy until it is not harming your mental health. You start panicking if you cannot achieve a specific goal. You must inform your dear ones in the family about how you feel and what is harming your mental health.

Avoid excessive expectations 

See, you have dream A to qualify for IIT and be in a reputed college, but what if you can’t get to that. So always be ready with plan B. IITs not that you don’t have to study for it, but you have to keep prepared with other plans; what if things don’t turn up. So be prepared and don’t keep different expectations from yourself. When in class 10 or 12, be ready to face the stress of exams, assignments, mocks, etc. Don’t out anything for the last time as it can affect your learning pattern. And be practical if you get 79 in mocks, it won’t turn out to be 97 in the actual paper. There is the chance that you reached up to 90, but the point is that this is realistic with yourself.

Overcome the fear of failure 

 See, practically everyone faces this one or another time in their life. Whichever position you get, you might feel things are not according to your wish or your plan. Don’t panic; be constant with yourself and do your best to get up. Never touch the fear of failure and keep learning the different concepts and theories either offline or online classrooms equipped with different features like a learning management system to make everything easy & fun. Be confident about what you study and how you cover your syllabus.