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How to know that a slots site is Safe and Legal 

Is there anything better than spinning the reels of your favourite online slot these days? We’re seriously not too sure you know, because as varied and fun as the modern casino gambling world is, there still isn’t any beating the good old world of online slots and brick and mortar slots too. The 20th century saw millions of gamblers take to the slots world, but nowadays it is even more popular – who would have thought? 

But here’s the thing: it really isn’t that surprising that games at WizardSlots have become even more popular, and the main reason for that is the emergence of online slots. Nowadays you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home in order to gamble – fancy that! There is no denying how fun it is, but you also do have to be careful with your online safety. Keep reading for a summary on how to know that a slots site is safe and legal. 

A history of gambling and crime 

Before we get into all the ways to know that a slots site is safe and legal in the 21st century, it is well worth taking a good look at the history of gambling and crime, as these two things have been intertwined for quite a long time indeed. In fact, if you want to look at things technically, all gambling before the establishment of the world’s first casino in the 17th century was technically illegal. 

The gambling world has long had to operate in the shadow of the law, something that only really started to change over the last couple of centuries. Indeed, back in the 1800s casinos had started to become accepted across Europe, but then the crazy success of roulette scared European governments back into illegalizing it – a fraught relationship! 

When did slots become legal? 

It’s funny to think as well that slots were actually illegal when they were first invented, as gambling across the US was strictly outlawed. This meant that the original slot pioneers like Charles D. Fey had to design their games in secret, and they could only be played in the corners of shady taverns and bars. 

Amazingly, it would take until after WWII for slots to become genuinely legal gambling games, and ever since then the slot gambling industry has been wildly successful. 

Ways to know that a slots site is safe and legal 

So, how are you actually meant to know whether a slots site is safe and legal? There is no reason to stress about this, because in the modern world it is rather easy. Here are a few things to check: 

  •         Slots site licensing: All legitimate slots sites will be licensed by either the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority. If you cannot see evidence of this, don’t play!
  •         Slot site reviews: Luckily for us gamblers nowadays there are several slot site reviews, and these are great things to check if you are worried about a slots site being safe and legal.