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How to Find the Best Badge Buddy Holders for Every Industry      

Badge buddies are like color-coded ID cards that allow differentiation of the members with their ID badge color only. Whether you have an office, institution, factory, hospital, or any other establishment, you can give them badges in a particular color for easy identification even from a distance. 

A badge buddy not only makes identification easy and increases security at your workplace but also increases professionalism among your staff and team members. For instance, nurses, doctors, patients, students, therapists, etc., in a hospital setting can wear different color badges so that seniors, patients, and visitors can quickly identify and approach them when needed. 

However, buying badge buddies is not sufficient. It would help if you bought good quality holders for them as well. Here, you will find out why holders are so crucial for badge buddies and how to find the best ones.

Importance of Badge Holders for Badge Buddies

An uncovered ID badge soon becomes grimy and faded that doesn’t send the right professional message that it is supposed to do. So, what’s the solution? Print new ID cards every year? Maybe, but keeping badge buddies protected in badge holders would be a cost-efficient way to increase the life of your cards dramatically. Other than that, there are some other benefits of keeping ID badges in badge holders. They are:

  • Keep information protected: The details printed on your ID card need to be protected against sunlight, dirt, and grime so that it does not fade over time. If your card has RFID technology, the holder will keep your encoded personal information safe so that no one can steal it.
  • Increase professionalism: Badge buddies suit up your team colors, which ultimately increases professionalism at the workplace. You can also find matching color accessories like lanyards and reels to make them even more appealing.
  • Ensure Safety: ID cards are small items that are easy to get lost. But when you keep them attached with your clothes in a badge holder, they are kept in place all the time, thereby keeping them safe and handy.

Things to Consider When Choosing Buddy Holders

Here are a few things you must consider while choosing badge buddy holders for your industry:

Usage: ID badges are used for identification, but the purpose of badge buddies is to differentiate staff members and departments with colors. The one that you choose depends on how the wearers are going to use the card. Do you want to keep it stuck on clothes or swipe or scan it while entering or exiting the workplace? The way your members use their ID badge will make a difference in the badge holder you choose. You have to know about the link outreach service.

Durability: The duration for which you want the badges will also make a difference in your choice. If your members have to wear it at a trade show, seminar, or convention just for a single day, then quality doesn’t matter much. However, if you want your employees to wear their ID badge daily at the office, you will need to choose a durable and robust holder that can withstand wear and tear for long.

Orientation: Some ID badges need to be displayed vertically, others horizontally. The holder you choose depends on the orientation you desire.

Method of Wearing: The holder you choose depends on how you want your members to wear the badges. Whether you want them to stick the badge to their pocket, wear it on their neck, or attach it with their belt, there are armband holders, lanyards, magnetic holders, half holders, badge reels, and others, depending on your purpose.

So, if you want to make a statement with badge buddies, choose the best badge buddy holders for them to serve the intended purpose.