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How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Oasis with These 10 Incredible Deck Ideas

There’s no question that having an outdoor area to relax in, complete with a deck and patio, can be an amazing addition to your home. But before you just buy whatever materials you can find at the nearest store and start hammering away, it’s important to think about how your deck will look – do you want a minimalist look? Do you want it to complement the rest of your home? How large do you want it to be?

For any outdoor space, big or small, these 10 deck ideas will inspire you to create the perfect outdoor oasis with your own ideas and imagination.

Attractive and Convenient

Adding an outdoor living space to your home is a great way to add value, even if you’re not planning on selling soon. A patio or deck increases your home’s appeal and attractiveness by allowing you access to fresh air and nature, no matter what season it is. What’s more, an outdoor living space is easier to maintain than other areas of your property and requires far less upkeep and maintenance. Attractive and convenient, indeed.

Design your Dream Deck

When you’re designing your dream Deck, consider it as an outdoor room of your home. Decks are essentially extensions of indoor spaces and should be designed that way. Make sure there’s enough space for everyone to sit and chat or relax in quiet contemplation. The same goes for lighting: overhead fixtures aren’t always practical; so make sure there are several well-placed sconces (and a few extra candles.) around which will allow you to enjoy your deck even when night falls.

To ensure that everyone stays safe and sound while they’re on their deck, be sure to install handrails on both sides of all steps and a sturdy railing around anywhere people may walk or sit that isn’t covered by a roof.

Attractive Yet Functional

If you want your deck to be a welcoming retreat for you and your family, you’ll need it to have a few key features. First, your outdoor space should be attractive yet functional. It should be nice enough that you feel like using it, but at the same time, also practical enough that you actually do use it! Having somewhere comfortable where everyone can sit and relax is also a key component of creating an outdoor oasis.

Spacious Feelings

The number one thing that people want when they dream of their perfect outdoor oasis is a space that feels spacious. Using larger-than-life furniture and elements can trick your eyes into seeing more outdoor space than you actually have. Take advantage of natural areas in your yard, such as boulders or grassy patches, and try adding large-scale accessories like planters and statues.

Natural Balance

A deck is also a great place to find natural balance. Stepping outside into nature gives us a break from indoor stresses, and it also helps us get more exercise, both of which have been shown to increase our happiness level and overall well-being. While you’re enjoying your beautiful new deck, don’t forget about working some additional daily activity into your life—perhaps by going for a walk through your neighborhood on lunch break or taking a quick jog during your commute home.

Water Feature in the Wood

Bring nature into your home, or maybe create a tranquil spot for yourself in your backyard, with a water feature. A built-in bench makes it perfect for curling up and enjoying some quiet time alone. The use of wood and stone help it fit in well as part of an exterior landscape design.

Whether you want a small garden pond, or something more substantial like a pool or hot tub, adding a water feature will increase curb appeal while providing functional value.

Cedar Landscaping Plans

Cedar is one of those materials that’s easy on your pocket and great for your yard. Most importantly, it makes any space look sophisticated and lush. But there are a few common mistakes people make when choosing cedar landscaping plans. Here’s how to avoid them.

Luxury New Builds

New developments are a trend that’s growing in most major cities. To be considered luxury, these homes must cost over $1 million and boast special amenities like infinity pools, saunas, or decks. If you have extra room and an eye for design, creating your own luxury home is a dreamy idea.

Cabana Style Decks

Cabana-style decks seem to be a new wave of decking, but they’re actually rooted in some timeless designs. The idea behind cabana-style decks is that one side of your deck be open for relaxing and entertaining, and often overlooks a patio or pool area. Cabana-style decks include

The Future of Backyard Space

Many of us grew up dreaming of owning a large, beautiful house that included a backyard filled with greenery and colorful flowers, complete with an inviting patio or deck. But why dream when you can create? The good news is that a lot of designers and landscapers can help homeowners transform what’s possible in our backyards.