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How to Choose the Right Raw Pet Food Brand For Your Furry Friend? 

If you are looking for additional nutrition for your pet, raw pet food will be the ideal option. It will provide your pet with a balanced diet if you cannot arrange it. But you must select the right pet food brand to offer sufficient nutrition to your furry friend.

Have you already started Googling “raw pet food suppliers near me”? You first need to consider if the brand follows government regulations and includes quality ingredients and its taste.

Government Standards

You have to make sure that the raw pet food is manufactured according to government standards and regulations.

According to the Pet Food Industry Association Australia standards, the ingredients must support digestion and nutrition and provide texture to the food item. Further, vitamins, amino acids and minerals might also be included in the raw pet food to boost nutrition.

The brand must also source the raw materials for the product from authentic sources. Overall, the food you select must be completely safe for your pet.

Labelling and Packaging

The next step in buying quality raw pet food is to check its packaging and labelling. High-quality products are packaged properly to preserve the contents. Moreover, labelling tells you the ingredients used to manufacture the product.

So, check if all the ingredients are correctly mentioned in the pack. Look at the ingredient quantities and the artificial colours, chemicals and additives. If you feel the artificial additives are too much in quantity, it’s best to select another product.

Also, avoid choosing products with ingredients you’ve never heard of but claim to make your pet stronger. These can cause side effects and health complications for your pet.

Fat Content

Most pet food products contain two types of fat – saturated and unsaturated. Saturated fat gives the meat a marbled appearance. On the other hand, unsaturated fat, at present in vegetable and plant oils, may be included in the food.

If your dog or cat is not enjoying the food, and are suffering from diarrhoea, check the fat content. Greasy or food with too much fat isn’t recommended for pets, as it can cause pancreatic issues. So, choose the foods wisely.


Besides all these important factors, you have to ensure that your pet enjoys the food, right?

That’s why you need to add variety to their food. While searching “raw pet food suppliers near me” online, see the types of products available.

Provide your pet with a combination of dry, fresh and tinned raw food to satisfy their taste buds. You can also try each type of food to see which one your pet prefers. After all, you want your doggo to be healthy and happy all the time!

Follow the above factors to choose the type of pet food so your pet never gets bored. Adding variety might also increase their appetite, that’s essential for nutrition.

Consult a Vet

You must consult a Veterinarian while selecting pet food. Talk about your pet’s current health condition and past medical history. The doctor will help you choose the appropriate food that supports your pet’s nutrition and prevents allergies or problems.

The vet might also provide a health chart for taking care of your pet.

Wrap Up

Before selecting raw pet food, you can also check if the company performs routine testing for their products. Also, ensure that they pasteurise the proteins to eliminate pathogens. You can visit the brand website to know all the details.

Always keep the doctor’s instructions while buying pet food.