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How to care for sensitive facial skin?

There are many signs that the skin is sensitive to notice. noticed redness of the skin It is a rash on sensitive skin that is prone to redness easily from the slightest stimulation, whether it is washing your face with normal facial foam. the skin facing the wind or harsh rubbing of the face

Sensitive skin is a common health complaint. Facial foam facelabs.co.th It’s an option for you to use.

Skin is flaky and rough, not moist.

Dry skin is a noticeable point because in addition to excess oil production. Dry skin often has flaky skin. It is rough and not moist. And it’s more noticeable when using makeup because makeup often doesn’t stick to the face, doesn’t last, and then comes off easily during the day.

When exposed to the sun, there will be irritation, itching, burning sensation on the skin and sunburn.

In general, when the skin is exposed to sunlight, it may feel a burning sensation, but these symptoms usually go away if you get out of the sun or apply a cold compress to soothe your skin. But for sensitive skin, skin irritation may occur more than usual, such as itching, stinging, tightness, or sunburn.

Has acne prone, has a lot of pimples, acne prone and has red streaks on the face.

Acne on sensitive skin can be observed from the appearance of acne. If the acne is a lot, it’s easy to get over and red on the face. especially in a position where there are usually no acne breakouts. It could mean your skin is showing an allergic reaction to certain external factors.

The main cause of sensitive skin that girls should know

The skin’s natural defense system is weak.

The epidermis has a barrier to retain moisture. does not dry out the skin and prevents foreign matter from entering the skin and causing irritation If the barrier is weak, it can irritate the skin more easily.

Inadequate rest, stress and anxiety

Not getting enough rest results in the body’s inability to fully recover. May cause the skin to not get enough rest. Dryness, dullness, and lack of water

genetics and hormones

Hormonal changes within the body affect many systems. One of the effects could be an overall skin condition with more dryness than normal.


Skin condition can vary with the weather, for example if you are in the summer with less humidity in the air. The skin can become extremely dry.

various toxic pollution

Airborne dust can cause skin irritation. Both road dust and cars or PM2.5 dust

Skincare is not suitable for the skin.

Using skin care products that are not suitable for your skin type can irritate the skin, for example, if a product with a surfactant is applied to the skin that is already tight. May be more irritating to the skin than nourishing the skin. Therefore, choosing a skin care product that is compatible with your skin is an important factor in caring for sensitive skin. Choose products specifically for sensitive skin that are formulated specifically for sensitive skin and are especially suitable for sensitive skin. Helps strengthen the skin barrier to strengthen the skin or Sensitive skin cream for sensitive, dehydrated skin.

Skin care principles for sensitive skin

  1. Observe the provoking factors that cause allergies. and try to avoid

– Avoid extreme heat or cold weather.

– avoid sunlight

  1. Maintain skin moisture Do not dry out the skin by

– Avoid using hot water. hot water wash your face or washing your face too often

– Use skin care products that can cover the skin to retain moisture. It is recommended to use after washing your face.

  1. Choose products for your skin. or cosmetics that do not cause irritation to the skin

– Products with few ingredients This makes it less likely to cause skin irritation.

– Products without perfume and alcohol

– Before use, you should try the product first by applying it on your forearm area. and observe symptoms for 24 hours

If the skin has a rash Usually treated with topical steroids. This should be under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist. Because this group of drugs must choose the type that is suitable for the area of ​​use. and may cause side effects if used incorrectly. In addition, when a rash occurs, care should be taken to prevent further infection of the skin at the site of the rash.