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How Much Should You Spend on Facebook Ads?

In today’s era, every business wants to promote their brand on social media networks either it is Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube to engage more people with their brand, therefore, in this article, I will explain how much we have to spend on Facebook advertisement, which every businessman should know if they are planning to advertise their brand on Facebook, so please take a look.

You need to spend only $1 a day, it will be enough for your business to make a real impact on the audience. By spending only $1 your ad will be shown to thousands of people. Therefore, it is not quite so bad idea to advertise your brand only for $1 as with such a little money you can promote your brand with various people.  Although the cost per click differs based on your targets such as for the companies who want to gain likes or the number of app downloads, they need to spend $1.07 per like and $5.47 per download. You can make use of the Facebook ad cost calculator to estimate the cost of the Facebook ad as it is free to use.

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However, besides the Facebook ad cost calculator, you can also estimate the cost of the ad to some degree and determine the fair cost of the ad by following these three methods.

Simulate on the ad formation screen.

I’ll show you how to simulate on the ad formation screen first.

On the ad creation screen for Facebook ads, you can generate the following content by selecting the intended audience and the length of the ad creation.

Figure out daily Access.

Approximated number of clicks per day

Budget for each Day

Total Budget.

In case the audience setting is too much complex, then you will receive advice in the simulation such as “audience setting is very complex,” therefore review the budget while adjusting the audience setting to meet the desired target.

Make use of ad libraries

After that, I’ll teach you how to use Facebook’s ad library.

The Ad Library is a feature in the Facebook application that makes it easy to find the display information about Facebook ads.

For example, in case you look for the keyword “best fashion brands,” then you’ll see the advertisements regarding various businesses related to the fashion brands, and when you click on “View Overview Details,” you’ll see all the overview details.

Try finding out how many companies advertise the brand similar to your brand before investing money, as well as how many people are hitting those companies’ CTA. You should look into it.

Hire an advertising firm to manage your Facebook ads.

It is often believed that hiring an advertising agency to manage your Facebook ads would save your money. An advertising agency will help you in estimating the total budget you need to spend on the Facebook ads. Therefore, you do not need to estimate your Facebook ad cost by yourself which saves your time.

Of course, if you employ an advertising agency to run an advertisement on Facebook, you’ll need to pay a higher amount in fee, but if you know what you’re doing and have experience, then the outcome will be much quicker than the initial 0. This can be predicted with a high degree of certainty. Therefore, hiring an advertising agency to manage your Facebook ads will be more appropriate.

Be Creative while writing content for a Facebook ad.

If you own a small business then you do not need to follow the instructions given by your investors. Because in such a situation you are your own boss. Therefore, you can be more creative while creating an ad post for your brand, therefore, add attractive pictures and write meaningful, informative text in your ad post. This method will help you to reach out to more people.


By following the above steps, Businesses can easily estimate the approximate Facebook ad costs and can also reach out to the potential audience at a low advertisement cost. Therefore, if you are also planning to start a new start-up or are new to Facebook ads, then you must apply these methods while promoting your brand on Facebook.