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How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go? Top Full Guide 2022

A small 125cc dirt bike, a lightweight motorcycle designed to ride off the road. These bikes are usually single-cylinder and have low power output, making them ideal for beginners or riders who need a small and portable bike. So, how does a 125cc dirt bike go?

What is a 125cc dirt bike run?

The maximum speed of a 125cc dirt bike is usually between 55 and 60 mph. Since most riders do not yet know the skills of riding dirt at the moment, they will not reach these extreme speeds.

Almost one person will be running at a top speed of 100 mph. On the other hand, the dirt bike is being pushed away. The 125cc electric engine comes out much lower than its larger competitors. Although it is slow, you can speed it up with a few action tweaks and riding modes.

Many variants affect A 125cc Dirt Bike’s High speed

The speed of a 125cc dirt bike can be affected by some factors, such as the following:

If so, you have been to a dirty bike race. Theres a good chance that youve heard riders and dirty drivers arguing over who was speeding on the other side of the road. These motorcycles are available in different sizes and power outlets.

But the average speed of these motorcycles depends on engine size, sprocket gearing, and much more. An in-depth look at the factors that cause the high speed of dirt bikes, especially those with 125cc engines, is provided here.

Two-Stroke Vs Four-Stroke

This is an important consideration when buying your own dirt bikes 125cc engine. As a result, it directly affects everything from every action to response time.

In a 2-stroke engine, compression and heating are the first tasks. Fast and hard, which makes it a great track weapon. Although common on older dirt bikes, if running is more important to you, this is a better option because you can ride up to 60 mph with it.

The 4-stroke engine, on the other hand, can reach an average speed of up to 50 mph. Laziness is enhanced by the size of the tractor and the weight of the engine.

Engine Size

As mentioned earlier, all types of motorcycles have different engine sizes. This is an important factor in cycling and horsepower.

Common dirt bikes have an engine from 50 to 140 cubic centimeters for migration. Some versions with 175-to-250-cc engines are available from most manufacturers, but these are larger than a motorcycle class that represents dirty bikes.

Dirty bikes are designed to accelerate per minute (rpm) speed with each gear to suit other types of bikes, such as bicycles. On a 50cc bike, the top speed can go from between 15 miles an hour if you climb into lower gear. Thus, a bicycle can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour or more.

When riding in top gear on a 125cc dirt bike with stock sprocket gearing, you can expect up to 70 mph. Because of this, the engine size of the dirt basket is important in determining its speed.

Using Sprockets to Change Gears

It is important that your dirt bike ratio gear can be equipped with a small front-driver sprocket and a large rear sprocket gearing. Manufacturers of dirt bikes are taking this route to reach as many people as possible on the market today.

To get the right gear level, you need to set the dirty baskets with the gear mixes that can bring the whole action.The normal sprocket gearing strokes are 14/42. In other words, the front of your bike has a 14-tooth drive sprocket, while the back has a 42-tooth sprocket.

For example, the average speed of (for example) a 50cc dirt bike goes from 22 miles per hour if you use the engine turns per minute on the red line as your bench. This conclusion is based on the speed of 15 miles per hour in the first gear.

On the other hand, the gear allows you to reach top speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. The 125cc dirt bike for an average run is about 30 miles per hour if you use that red bench line. Based on the information provided here, a dirt bike sprocket gearing is important in the speed at which it can move.


The speed of your dirt bike can be increased or decreased by adjustment. The only way to look good is to increase your speed. Everyone wants to be able to beat their competitors on their dirty bikes.

What if you want to increase the average speed of the bike without providing low-end torque speed? The answer is clear and direct. A sprocket replacement is the first step in upgrading your dirt bike.

To get a bike speed, you can, for example, from factory 14-tooth drive sprocket to ten-tooth. The 32-tooth gear behind your pit bike race, on the other hand, increases speed but reduces the low-end torque height of your bike.