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Have the New Blackstone 28 in Griddle from BBQs 2u at Affordable Price

BBQs 2u has been ruling the UK market of barbeques gadgets since the year 2002. They are one of the best sellers of barbeque appliances and accessories of top brands. Their social media accounts shows the product details, their customer’s satisfactory comments and of course the products ratings. One of the most sold brand of theirs is Blackstone.

Blackstone brand’s griddle outdoor cooking range:

  • It isn’t like traditional griddle because of its technology-based cooking modes and convenient to cook design. All the series of griddles has features to cook easily in camping grounds or in any picnic spot. The added shelves lures the chef of the house as they are sufficient to store food items and keep cooked food as well.
  • Blackstone has a range of griddle models having one thing in common and that is all possess broad cooking surface. Thus, at a time large quantity of food can be cooked easily.
  • The brand’s griddles have at least two furnaces and multiple heat temperature control modes. All these features make it possible to cook fast, avoid burning of food. The temperature control even helps to cook steaks, hot dogs and bacons evenly.
  • Many models have a wide well-designed hood that has multiple functions. You can use it to protect the cooking surface from outside elements and helps to cook food well. You can steam the food ingredients fast by placing the hood on the cooking surface and even supports to keep the food warm.
  • The unique feature of patent rear grease management system. This add-on feature helps to clean the cooking surface easily. Now, there won’t be any issues of oil sticking on the surface as every remaining drop of greasy matter would flow back on to the flat surface.
  • All the models have one year warranty and will be replaced if any damages occur to any part of the barbeque range.

The specific model of Blackstone the original 28” griddle with hood is selling like hot cakes. Many bloggers videos have stated that it is one of the best designed model of Blackstone griddle because of its added features.

The two cooking stainless H furnaces powered by 34,000BTU supports to cook fast and well-cooked food. The bottom shelves and the side ones are beneficial addition that supports the chef to store the grilled accessories.

BBQs 2u provides all kinds of griddle accessories along with the cooking range. Their griddle kit is highly useful to cook efficiently. The griddle cleaning tool and the hood cover are one of the most selling accessories preferred for their beneficial usage. All a purchaser of the Blackstone griddle from BBQs 2u needs to do is season the cooking surface and start cooking varied delicious food.

Anyone can have access to various recipes posted at BBQs 2u website. All such added features portrays the company’s concern about making it easier for their customers to use their griddle appliance conveniently.

The detailed catalogue of each griddle models posted on BBQs 2u website https://www.bbqs2u.co.uk/blackstone-griddles/1003-blackstone-original-28in-griddle-with-hood-2147.html make it easier for any purchaser to xhoose the best griddles for their usage.