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Hacks to Decorate Your Small Space to Make it Look Bigger

If you are a city dweller, you know best that small space living is the way of living these days and you can’t even complain. Decorating a small living room the way you like it can be difficult especially when you want to bring in all big-ticket items. No one likes to spend time in a living room that’s cluttered, now with simple hacks, tricks, and layout changes you can add an illusion of space and make it look bigger. With the below design and furniture examples, we are sure you will be able to utilize the space of your house effectively to convert it to a warm, chic, and happy place.

  1. Foldable Furniture: Consider furniture pieces that can be folded when not in use, this way you can save a lot of space. For example, opt for a foldable dining table, study table that can be closed into the wall, or the latest bed designs that can be folded into a closet or a couch, or the ones that have storage space to keep your room organized.

2. Nesting Coffee Table: A nesting coffee table is a multipurpose piece of furniture that nests either 2 or 4 cushioned seats. It makes an ideal choice when you want to create an additional seating area for your guests in the living room. These are stylish, lightweight, comfortable creating a distinct experience for your house.

  1. Ditch The Big Sofa Set: While we understand your strong desire to invest in a luxurious sofa that oozing charm, but practically it will eat your entire living room space making it look congested. We recommend that you go for club chairs or a love seat that occupies way lesser space and still looks very trendy.
  2. Paint Your Wall Nude: The best way to make your room spacious is to use a nude color palette for your walls. Don’t opt for warm colors because they create an illusion of a closed look. Go for simple colors like beige, classic all-white, blush, lilac, ultimate grey. You can add a pop of color by adding bright upholstery or contrasting rug.
  3. Utilise the Vertical Space: If you don’t have enough square foot space, no problem use the wall space effectively to create a magnetic décor. Floating shelves are a very good option to create display space without much effort. You can also create a vertical garden on the balcony wall if you don’t want to let the potted plants occupy your floor space of the balcony.

Along with these above-mentioned ideas, pay attention to the lighting of the house. Brightly lit houses always make you feel cheerful, and it adds more dimension to the room. Adding mirrors on the walls is also an age-old trick to create a reflective optic illusion for bigger space. Keep the décor to minimalistic, don’t add too many items in the room, less is more when you have a smaller living space. Keep your rooms free of clutter at all times so that your house looks neat, presentable, and welcoming.