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Grow Your Twitch Channel For Increased Earnings

If you are a gaming addict and cannot think of life without a console in hand, the best way to monetize your passion and earn substantially is to be on Twitch. And the first step to achieving your goal is to know how to get Twitch followers. Some gamers have millions of followers and regularly earn seven figures. While reaching that level might take a pretty long time, start now and be a name to reckon with on Twitch.

Go through this post and you will know about the origins of Twitch, why you should get Twitch followers, and how to get Twitch followers.

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The Origins and Evolution of Twitch

Twitch is the world’s leading gaming platform based in the USA and is also into live streaming of music, curated content, and esports events.

The Twitch platform was launched in 2013 but in the initial months did not meet with much success. It was only after being acquired by e-commerce giant Amazon that things started to look up. In one year, by 2015, Twitch had reached 100 million monthly views. It reached a landmark in 2017, overtaking the then leaders in streaming games, YouTube, to take pole position in the Internet-based gaming traffic environment.

The stunning growth continued unabated and those becoming an expert in how to get Twitch followers saw exponential growth for their channel. February 2020 figures for Twitch are amazing – 3 million monthly broadcasts, 1.4 million concurrent users, and 1.35 million daily active users. Just Imagine, if you could get the smallest of slices of this huge pie you will be earning millions. But for that, you need to thoroughly understand how to get Twitch followers and grow your channel.

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The Benefit of Growing Followers on Twitch

Once you know how to get Twitch followers for channel growth ,you can be sure that your earnings will see a quantum jump. But why is this so? There are several reasons for it.

The first and most critical is that when you have a huge following it is social proof that your channel brings value to your followers and that you have a high degree of gaming skills and expertise. Since in this Internet age people can follow your channel from any corner of the globe, more followers mean that your channel has a wide reach all over the world.

This is precisely where you start earning in amounts that you have till now only dreamt of. Leading companies and top brands look for marketing opportunities on channels that have a very broad platform and with large numbers of followers, you will be providing them the opportunity that they look for.

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Brands will want to promote their products and services on your Twitch channel to have easy access to a global audience. It is a win-win situation. You are paid handsomely for the privilege of offering your channel for advertisements and companies market their products with a minimum of effort.

There is another way to earn on Twitch provided you have some entrepreneurial qualities. Open a virtual storefront and stock it with merchandise that carries your label. It might be coffee mugs, T-shirts, laptop covers, small gift items, anything that looks appealing and attractive. Imprint the items with a logo and a message with the name of your channel on Twitch and sell the items by promoting the store on your channel. The greater your followers the higher will be the sales.

How to Get Twitch Followers

Now that you know why you should get more followers and the monetary benefits it brings you, let’s see how to get Twitch followers.

You can approach your goal in one of two ways. The first is to grow your channel organically and naturally without opting for quick growth through buying followers from specialized sites. But be warned that this is a tedious process and it might take you years before you have enough followers to make a positive impact on your earnings. The other is to buy Twitch followers for quick growth but here too there are certain pitfalls as will be seen here.

Organic increase in followers

To bring in more followers, follow a fixed streaming schedule. Publish the time and the games that you will be playing on your channel. The viewers who like your playing skills and expertise will know when to come back for more and others will follow them to your channel to watch you play. Being a regular proves that you are serious about gaming and this attitude will rub off on your existing followers as well as those who are new to the channel.

Further, focus on a niche – anything will do like gaming skills, lessons on tough games, or just being able to raise a laugh among followers. It will help you to stand out among the millions of channels out there.

Buying Twitch followers

For quick growth, you can buy Twitch followers from specialized sites as a means to how to get Twitch followers.Easy as it might seem, there are several precautions to be taken here as there are hundreds of scammers who will charge you like other genuine sites but provide fake viewers and followers who will fade away after some time. Hence, research the Internet and select sites that are authentic and credible. Also, avoid sites that use bots for a quick rise in followers and viewers as this practice is banned on Twitch.

These are some of the ways to how to get Twitch followers.