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Futuristic Commercial Building Design Ideas of 2021

In today’s highly competitive business climate, companies must not only establish a distinct brand identity but also ensure that their commercial buildings stand out. However, with so many MNCs and national companies emerging on a daily basis, it becomes difficult to match the commercial building design that matches your creative ideas. The problem is that there is strong competition even when it comes to small commercial building design

concepts where companies are trying to create highly innovative modern commercial buildings regardless of whether they have a small modern commercial building design plan in place or a big one.

We’ll look at how these concepts have gotten a lot of attention in the commercial industry. We guarantee that after reading this article, you will be able to implement any of the commercial building design ideas mentioned below.

Clever Branding

Every company has its own colour, texture, or line that is associated with their company’s brand. The best thing to do is to place it at the center of your company design. You can easily draw the attention of the building described above in the image by having heroic red architectural panels. This is a powerful statement right before you enter the building through the front door.

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Evolutionary Design

Creating a new commercial building does not always require starting from scratch. You can also mix and match elements from the old and new designs. The architectural panels are complemented by a ship-lap wood-look installation in the image above. The shiplap is anchored in place to help give the structure a more industrial as well as evolutionary feel.

Minute Observation

When traditional lap siding isn’t enough to add texture and a natural wood look to the exterior of your commercial house, there are other options. You can see in the picture above that there is a good mix of even architectural panels and a wood-grain-look panel. Both of these have been framed with the same contemporary trim. So what is the end result? You get a building exterior that is not only natural in appearance but also contemporary and elegant.

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Highlight The Nature

There are moments when the buildings are next to each other. You can also have an entryway that is visually distinct from the rest of the room. Take a look at the picture above. As you can see, wide architectural panels work best for creating a smooth, lustrous exterior around the entryway. What is the end result? The standard lap siding on the adjacent building is easily contrasted. This is an eye-catching way to emphasise the futuristic nature of the place you’re about to visit. If you want to learn more about architecture building design and ideas, you can surf through Live Enhance.

Cheerful Hues

If you are just starting out, the first thing you can do is have some fun with the exterior. Take a look at the above picture. Bold colours like chartreuse are not only calming to the eyes, but they also make a positive statement about your commercial building without saying anything. The best part is that the latest colour application would benefit the fibre cement panels. This way, the bold colour will keep your commercial building relevant for a long time.

Contrast Lines

When it comes to modern commercial building design ideas, we’ve already discussed the value of experimenting with colours. It is now time to play around with how you highlight your panelling.The red exterior is accented with a clean white trim across the panels. What’s the best part? It is possible to represent various sized panels as Legos. This way, your commercial building would stand out from the crowd with a fun, modern exterior.

Addicting Style

It has been noted that industrial designs are becoming a theme in modern commercial building designs. Adding a few finishing touches to your exterior is the simplest way to complete the look. The commercial building in the image above uses faux rivets on the architectural panels to give it a more modern look and feel. To avoid being too harsh, ship-lap siding with a wood-look is used as a decoration.

Shower of Colors

There is no requirement that the commercial building’s exterior be smooth. This contemporary commercial building design uses bump-outs to separate itself from the rest of the exteriors, as seen in the picture above. This is one method of adding depth. By brightening them up with a distinct contrasting hue, they become even more noticeable among other commercial buildings.

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