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Free online slots real money: Do they exist? 

Playing online slots is fun but when you add in the fact that there are chances to win money while playing slots they gain a whole new level of excitement – play it here. Some players wonder whether they can win real money while playing slots for free 

Can you Play Free Online Slots?

While most players may not initially realise it, there are actually several ways in which they can enjoy online slots for absolutely free! The main way that this can happen is through something called a demo slot.

This type of slot is specifically designed to be free to play, players can enjoy the slot the exact same way they would usually as it offers no difference in terms of design or gameplay, the only difference that demo slots offer is that they do not reward players with money when they trigger wins.

It doesn’t matter how successful you are when you are playing these slots or what bonuses you manage to trigger, the slot will not pay out any money. However this doesn’t mean that players won’t be able to get any benefits from free to play online slots. 


Though playing demo slots may not appeal to every player, there are significant benefits that players will receive from using them. 

  •     They are the best place to create a strategy for a slot game. As demo slots offer the exact same experience in terms of gameplay, bonus features and RTP, players can come up with effective strategies for the real thing.
  •     Newer players have the perfect place to practise, online slots can be complicated when you are just starting out so using a demo slot is the best thing while you are beginning to work out how to play.

Ways to win Real Money without Spending your Own 

While demo slots can certainly be very useful for some players, there are a few ways in which players can play slots for ‘free’ while still being able to win some real money. The main way that this can happen is through the bonuses that slots and casinos offer.

  1. Use free spins wisely. Though on the surface of it, free spins may not seem like a lucrative bonus, the fact is that the free spins bonus allows plays to spin the reels for free. If used wisely, players will have a chance to trigger some multipliers and win some cash, without spending any of their own. 
  2. Sign up promotions. Another great way to play an online slot for free whilst still having the opportunity to win some real money, choosing the best sign up promotion is imperative for new players as it can put them in a great position to win when they eventually start playing. These promotions can range from free spins to matched betting. 

Final Thoughts 

While it is possible to win money whilst playing online slots for free, players will have to take advantage of all the promotions and sign up offers they can.