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Four reasons that make food packaging and design crucial for business growth 

Contrary to popular belief, packaging design has a more vital role in product sales than anything else. There are a few reasons for this. Traditionally, Product quality is crucial for any product to succeed in the long run. However, industry standards these days make sure that commodities in the market are up to standards. Quality alone doesn’t make enough noise to make something stand out. These factors are especially true in the case of the food industry. Food packaging design is what determines whether a particular item is going to be a success or not. Design choices that can hook the customer and evoke their curiosity make the sale at the end of the day these days. Whether it’s in a local grocery store or an online shop, a product that looks boring and lifeless would never interest anyone. Here are some ingredients that make food packages tick.

Good designs hook the customer.

Reliable market research companies like IPSOS have interesting stats that point towards the importance of packaging.  More than 67 per cent of shoppers make their purchasing decisions based on how the package looks. These numbers are not surprising because purchase decisions can be a confusing affair for the end consumer. There are millions of brands that provide the same products. The customers select the one that speaks to them the most. Great designs that are appealing and eye-catching in the whole bunch of choices get the nod. A cookie packet that shows off the creamy goodness inside it is always preferable to generic packaging.

Provides an identity for the brand

A well-established food brand would always have a consistent aesthetic for all of its products and food website. However, consistency does not mean stagnant designs. The ideal food packaging design should be iterative without losing the identity of the brand. The ideals and ethics that a brand need to portray should be visible on the package. An example of this would be the packaging of a food company that makes health-oriented food. For instance, the packets of these brands should show how it has less sugar and more beneficial nutrients by using fewer words and more design elements. Premium confectionery brands use elaborate metal containers wrapped in silky fabric to display exclusivity. Brand identity is, therefore, a crucial component in packing designs.

Information is key to choice.

The quality of the ingredients and the delicious taste of a pudding cake in an unmarked container is good to no one. Good packaging designs make sure that it reaches the customer and custom coffee boxes. Creative packaging can almost simulate the taste of what’s in it for the buyer. They would also announce the quality ingredients and the health benefits that await after opening the package. A successful food package can inform the customer about everything it can provide to them at first glance. Packaging, therefore, should be creative as well as informative.

Better user experience means more numbers.

Youtube channels that solely focus on the unboxing of products are successful for a reason. People can appreciate good packaging. The satisfaction of unwrapping a package of assorted flavours of chocolates is therapeutic for a lot of people.  People can also notice small details that bring ease to their lives. A flour packet with a resealable top or even biodegradable spoons with ice cream goes a long way for customer choices. Better experiences with packaging for sure bring in more customers.

Great designs can make or break a brand. It is a universal fact for not just food companies but also for any other industries.