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Ford Mustang GT vs Chevrolet Camaro SS detailed comparison

Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack Level 2 are two rear drive, two doors and V8 powered vehicles which have often been compared to one another. In fact, they are known as mainstream US rivals. 

Both have powerful yet light ride quality. This is because these cars are not similar to the electric system vehicles which are being manufactured these days. 

If you are a fan of the old thundering octane fuel thrill, you should probably know more about these vehicles. In case you want to sell any car in Dubai, CarSwitch should be your top priority. 

Highlights of both vehicles

Chevrolet Camaro boasts rear cross traffic alert, an 8 inches digital instrument cluster, BLIS, Bose 9 speaker sound system, charismatic cabin lighting, keyless entry, driver memory presets, a 7 inches touchscreen, climate control, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, wireless phone charging, heated and cooled leather upholstery and sunroof. 

On the other hand, Ford Mustang has the strong points of an extended memory function which stores preferences of driver, a 12.4 inches digital driver gauge cluster, adaptive cruise control, AEB with pedestrian detection, lane keeping assistance, lane departure warning, an 8 inches center screen and Sync 3. 


The oily bits of the car is where most people are interested in because they determine the performance factor. Both the vehicles are equipped with the traditional power contribution of V8 engines. 

Chevrolet Camaro is fueled by a strong naturally aspirated 6.2 liter LTI engine. It is capable of producing 617 Nm and 339 kW. The sound which this engine makes is otherworldly. It is almost similar to a NASCAR engine at redline. Considering how much modern engines are criticized for their sound, these two vehicles are an exception. 

Through an 8 speed transmission, drive is sent to the rear wheels with a paddle shift manual mode. 

Even if the manual option was not given, the transmission is sufficient. The 5 liter V8 engine pumps out the same power as that of Camaro but the torque is 556 Nm. 

Coupling all this engine is the brand new 10 speed automatic transmission. Depending on how you drive the car, one can use more than 13 to 14 liter per 100 km in both cars. 


The cabin of Ford Mustang is a bit tasteless whereas the Camaro boasts a premium interior. Both vehicles’ upholstery and infotainment are comfortable and decent. 

Many people have liked the interactive driver display cluster of Mustang. Although some people criticized the placement of the cupholders in the conversion to RHD, Ford has done the same thing too. Moreover, it’s steed is located to RHD specs from the start. 

Perhaps a more driver focused experience is felt in the Camaro since it is a performance car. 

Moreover, the fitting, finishing and quality of the materials is way better in Camaro. Although there is nothing that bad about Mustang, apart from the inferiority of trims, it just feels like it’s been manufactured for a price. 


As an all-rounder performance vehicle, Camaro offers a talented drive whereas the manoeuvrability of Mustang is stable and sorted. Many people have preferred the compliant and comfortable ride of Mustang around the town. 

As in the case of Camaro, the generation and delivery of power from the LT1 engine is highly commendable. By turning off the traction control, a more neutral drive can be experienced especially on a twisty road. 

It also boasts sharp turn-in, neat balance and outstanding braking system. The steering gets perfect feedback via the wheel and does not feel out of place. 

The area where both the cars have made huge improvement is the association between chassis and road. The way both the vehicles get their power to the ground and control it is not something which is seen in their predecessors. Overall, both are highly enjoyable vehicles. 

Our verdict

Both Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro are decently equipped vehicles and are muscular enough. They have come a long way from previous years when the only significant components they had were a rudimentary transmission, lots of engine and a few brakes. But now, it is amazing to see their improvements.