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For Beginners: How To Install A Lace Wig With Tinashe Hair

If you’ve just donned a lace front wig at home. You must read the entire article about the stunning loose wavy lace wig I recently fashioned. The first line of defense is here. All ideas and opinions on the experience and hairdo are mine, even though this piece is a compensated partnership with Tinashe Hair. (Glueless Human Hair Wigs)

I like to use wigs and braids to cover my natural hair, as I indicated before. You may save time and money by installing it at home! In addition, wearing a wig at home is a smart option, even if many believe it takes too much time for novices. It’s simple, I assure you! Today I’m going to provide a really beginner-friendly technique. Because you can undo and pre-color. Since I don’t use glue on mine, you don’t need any to attach it. I’ll demonstrate how simple it is.

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Wig characteristics

I’m using a deep-rooted orange and red lace wig in this look. The wig has 180% density and is made of 100% virgin hair. The process of curling and stretching is lovely, and loose curls are delicate and smooth, according to how you wear them. The wig contains three top combs, one comb with a strap that can be adjusted, 4×4 hooks, and an elasticized back. The hair is realistically dense, and the cap is light and airy. These wigs come in natural hair, pre-lashed, and bonded varieties. Suitable for making lace wigs for novices.

How to wear a wig

  • Preparing your hair for the wig. The goal is to as much as possible straighten the hair below the wig. This is the moment to put the wig on if you want it to fit tightly on your head while wearing a hat. (Glueless Human Hair Wigs)
  • When you are certain that your hair is nicely secured (or covered by a hat), it is time to put the wig on your head. We’ll hold this wig in place for this video with gel and frizz spray. When applying your lace wig, spray Got2B Glue Spray Freezer in front of your hairline. When the adhesive has dried (you can use a dryer for a few seconds.) On your head, position the wig in any way you wish. For the wig to fit snugly, ensure the wig ring is fastened in the rear and the comb rests in the front.
  • After your wig has been properly fixed and styled, cut the side laces of the wig now. Utilize the scissors to get as near to your hair as you can. Spray Got2B Glue Freeze Spray along the hairline after you’re happy with the quantity of lace covering your ears for further security. To hold everything in place for a short period, grab a scarf and wrap it along your hairline.
  • Your hair has been chopped and bonded, and your wig is now repaired. To make the wig look lifelike, you may fiddle with the hair and parting. I trimmed the hair around her using a double-ended brush and Got2B Invincible Styling Gel after doing a few pieces along the hairline to add some hair. Straightened hair is used to cover the lace. With a scarf, keep it dry and secure. Apply concealer over it if you’re motivated for a more realistic appearance. (Glueless Human Hair Wigs)
  • Wig styling involves removing the weft. You should elevate your curls at this point. Using a straight comb, cut the hair on the sides or ends. Alternatively, use a little mousse to prevent frizz in your hair.