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Finished a semester of college in Bangalore? Transform your old textbooks in these cool ways

Another college semester has come to an end. You’ve finished your exams, had one last hangout with your friends, and now you’re heading home for some well-earned holiday time. That’s when your eye catches that pile of old textbooks that you no longer need. You shudder to think about the amount of money you spent on them. And you really don’t want to spend more on packers and movers in Kukatpally to ship them to your new home at the end of your college journey. So what can you do with these old texts? Don’t just throw them away, try out of these ideas to transform them into something unique and useful.

Sell them

Your last semester’s textbooks can become someone’s new bible in the next semester. All you need to do is find some juniors who are on the lookout for some second hand material, and you’ll be able to sell your textbooks, free up all the space they were taking up in your room, and make some money in the process. That’s what we call a sweet deal.

Create a book safe

Sometimes you can’t sell your books. Perhaps there are no takers, or your college has changed the syllabus, or a new edition has been published. In such cases, you don’t want to be stuck with an out of date copy that you can no longer use. Instead you could take a leaf out of one of your favourite mysteries and create a book safe. All you’ll need is to strategically cut out a small compartment inside the book, glue down the pages, and maybe paint the sides for some added decor. Now you’ll have a hidden safe for your valuables and belongings that one will be able to guess.

Bedside table books

You can give a whole new meaning to the idea of books for your bedside table if you’ve got a whole stack of textbooks waiting to be put to use. All you’ll need is some industrial strength glue. Glue your books together until they reach a convenient height and you’ve got the perfect personalised bedside table. If you want a wider top, simply glue several piles together, with the spines facing outward. And now you’ve got a great place to keep your glasses, water bottles, or yes, even more books.

Plant a book

If anyone’s ever told you about how many trees it takes to print a book, this is a DIY to make you even. You can turn one of your textbooks into a planter in a few easy steps. Similar to the book safe, all you’ll need to do is hollow out a chamber for your soil and plants, drill some holes in the bottom cover for drainage and you’re good to go. Place your book planter in the sunlight and watch your plants grow. Succulents work especially well in these planters, but you can try your hand at other low maintenance indoor plants too.

Don’t judge a Kindle by its cover

If you’re someone who misses the feeling of holding a book in your hands but can’t give up the convenience of their e-reader, this DIY should be right up your alley. You can use an old hardcover textbook to create a cover for your Kindle or tablet. Pick a book that’s slightly larger than your gadget on all sides (and with a good cover, of course). Remove the internal pages and glue an elastic loop to the back cover. Attach some velcro tabs (or other adhesives) to the back of your tablet and the inside of your cover so that your device is nicely positioned. And voila! You have a gadget with a real book cover and the best of both worlds.

Turn it into a scrapbook

Stuck with a textbook for a subject you hated? Don’t get rid of it, get even with it. Because you can (beautifully) ruin that textbook by turning it into a scrapbook or journal for yourself. Instead of a blank background for your artwork, photos or writings, you’ll have a printed background that adds some character. It’ll definitely be a unique DIY and you can cover up all the boring parts with your favourite memories from your hostel in Kukatpally, quotes, to-do lists and even short stories.

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So, don’t worry if you’re stuck with old textbooks ever again. With these ideas and more, you have ways of using up all your old books and turning them into useful and unique projects. So go ahead and try these out before you have to buy more textbooks for the next semester.

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