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Fast and Reliable: The Best Conversion Tools That PDFBear Can Offer

Most people want to use software that is fast and reliable when they are handling their PDFs. If you are reading this, you know exactly where to go, and later on, you can enjoy all the tools that PDFBear can offer. With that, here are the best conversion tools that this website can provide its users.

1.     PDF to Excel

What is this conversion tool? To make it simple, it’s an online converter that can transform your PDF files into editable Excel documents without sacrificing their quality or original formatting. To simply put it, the formulas, formats, tables, and other information from the original file will still be the same when you try to convert it into Excel. After using the PDF to Excel converter and when the conversion process is done, you start downloading the Excel file and save it anywhere you want. You are also allowed to edit the file after the process, which makes it impressive.

If you wish to use the best method in extracting information from a PDF file into an Excel document, we recommend that you use this feature from PDFBear. This online software can provide the best, safe, and secure way of converting your documents while retaining their quality. The services and features that this site offers are handy and easy to use; that’s why you need to start using them today. So here’s how to use this converter effectively:

  1. Drag the PDF files that you wish to upload to the website of PDFBear.
  2. In a few seconds, this online software will start converting your PDFs into Excel files.
  3. The excel document will be available in a while, and you only need to wait.
  4. After the conversion process, the server will quickly erase your documents.

2. Word to PDF

What’s this conversion tool? It’s an online converter capable of converting your Word files into PDF documents within a minute. After that, users can already use the PDF files with retained alignment, images, and fonts, which look like the original file. It is also a known tool for students, employees, and business owners because of its benefits.

In some way, this online tool will help people remove the hassle in their lives. To use the Word to PDF feature, you don’t need to pay for anything or download additional software. All you need to do is visit the website, upload your documents, and start using the newly formatted file. Regardless of the OS or gadget you use, you can still access the website with an internet connection.

If you’re handling PDF documents every day, you have to use the right tools, and PDFBear offers 20 of them. Also, among the popular features is this one because it can convert Word files into great-quality PDFs in a few clicks. To know the straightforward process, follow the steps below:

  1. Upload the Word file that you wish to convert using the converter.
  2. This online tool will prepare and scan your file in a moment.
  3. The process will be over soon; wait for it.
  4. After the three steps, you can start to download the file and save it to your desktop.

3.  Excel to PDF

This tool from PDFBear will convert your Excel files into editable and easy-to-access PDF documents. THe software will transfer the format, text, and font from the source file to a PDF document without any hassle. Most similar converters can process your files for a short time, but PDFBear can convert your files in a few seconds. When the conversion process is complete, users can already download the file, send it to someone, encrypt it, or even compress it.

Smoothen your tasks, share data without any effort and safely convert your Excel spreadsheets into PDF without any problem. In just a few steps, you can use this feature effectively without downloading any software or paying. All you need to do is to access the website and convert your files. If you wish to use this feature, below are the easy steps:

  1. Choose or drag the Excel into the website.
  2. Click the options that you need.
  3. Press the “Convert” button and wait for the process to be done.
  4. After that, download your file now or share it somewhere.


Now that you know what features of PDFBear to use, start making your life easier by using all the tools listed. Besides the conversion tools, you can also use the compress, split, merge, protect, unlock, repair, and more features from PDFBear. Remember that this online software is free to use, and you can access it anywhere you are.

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