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Factors to look into when purchasing a T shirt printing Machine

A t-shirt printer is a machine used to print pictures and writings on t-shirts.

This article entails the t-shirt printer, how it works, and what to be considered when purchasing one.

These facts can be useful when you want to buy one.


Due to the highly increasing demand for printed t-shirts by youths and businesses, schools, groups, and churches want to have their own specified identities through t-shirts. The need to meet and satisfy this demand has led to the demand for machines. This includes the t-shirt printer.

Below are some of the factors to consider before purchasing one;

Type of printing method

There are several ways printing is done for example transfers, embroidery, screen printing, and direct to the garment. Each method requires a unique machine for the task for example to embroider a cloth you need an embroider machine, what you want to print on shirts and the quality you want is the key to choosing the right printing method.

Price of the printing machine

T shirt printing machine prices in kenya vary in terms of their quality and the work efficiency. This will depend on which you can afford, worry less if you cannot afford the most expensive you can start with that you can afford and upgrade when you get the required amount.

Where to purchase the machine

It is ideal to buy the machine from a reputable company that offers warranties on their equipment. You should also consider buying where you will be supplied with accessories for your printer of choice to avoid risks like getting ink that is not compatible with your printer which may cause damage. Online is another option you can purchase your machine online on the ideal site.

How the printer works

Different models work differently. A buyer should look into these aspects when making a purchase. In addition to that, while purchasing, one should look into the user manual to learn how to use the machine.

Example of the t-shirt press

Below shows how to use a heat t-shirt press;

  • Choose your transfer/image /writing you want to print on the t-shirt
  • Print it on a special transfer paper using an inkjet printer
  • Trim out the unwanted parts so as not to print unwanted parts
  • Open the press machine to place the t-shirt
  • Adjust the temperature to the required temp
  • Adjust the pressure by twisting the knob to increase the pressure up to the required specifications.
  • Set the timer to the specified time according to the printer
  • Place your t-shirt onto the plate and set the transfer face down on top of the shit then close the press and press the start button.
  • Open the press and remove your shirt and your t-shirt will be ready done

Note: every model comes with its method of using it, the above is just an example.

This article defines the different considerations you should make before buying a t-shirt printer hence can be used when purchasing a good decision-making process on which printer suits you best and your work conditions.