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Everything You Need to Know About Franked Credits

Are you new to the stock world? Or perhaps you’ve heard about it but are not fully aware of what franked credits are. Then let us enlighten you with some things there is to know about them. As a stakeholder, it’s expected that you’d be interested in investments that are profitable to you.

But in the regular scheme of things, whatever company you invest in has to pay tax, affecting the interests you receive. After being taxed by the company, you still have to pay a personal levy, which results in you paying taxes twice. This is when franked credits come in.

They are the refunds made by tax agencies as compensation for you being levied twice. To prevent double government charges, the percent gotten from the company you invested in will be returned to you.

In this article, we will be shedding light on how franked credits work, who is entitled to them and why they exist.

How Do They Work?

Most companies pay about 30% on tax. And as an investor, you have a certain percentage deducted from your dividends due to that. The government is still known for imposing levies, making you still pay personal income levy from your interests. This act is not beneficial to you as your dividends end up double taxed.

But since the introduction of franked credits, paying taxes to the government more than once would cause a refund to you. This has also aided in imposing taxes once. If you’re a stakeholder, you’re not expected to pay anything else from your dividends as personal income tax.

But this is applicable when your marginal rate is levelled with the rate imposed on your company. If your rate is 45% and the percent charged to your corporation is 30%, you’d have to pay the remaining margin of 15% from your dividends.

Who is entitled to Franked Credits?

It is a policy approved for all Australian indigenes. You aren’t entitled to it even as a foreigner with companies in the country. However, those who reside in the country have to hold a share for a minimum of 45 working days before they become liable to franked credits.

This condition is very much required before you can prevent double taxation. But due to many people requesting franked credits while they still don’t pay personal tax, these refunds are issued and focused more on pensioners.

Why Do They Exist

They exist to prevent resident stakeholders from having their profits levied twice. This fund is to encourage more investment and buying of stock. Compensation to cover the extra government charges is a significant boost for people to keep investing.

Franked Credits are a logical concept to ensure equity in the stock market and not a two-time cut out from your dividends.


These credits are refunds that help regulate how much income the government gives and helps manage your dividends. Very applicable to residents of Australia and is a significant boost for people to risk their money in buying stock.

Every important detail there is to know has been simplified in this article. We have taken the time to explain what franked credits are. If you entered this site with little or no knowledge of what they are, we hope you were able to learn something.