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Does Massage Therapy work?

You have heard a lot about massage therapy, and now you are not sure whether to believe it or not because, for you, massage therapy is only for relaxing. However, that is just the beginning; there are so many benefits that you will get from a massage.

The exciting part about massage is that you will get short-term and long-term benefits from following the physiotherapist’s advice. The short answer is massage therapy works, and if you are willing to put in the effort, here is how physiotherapy can help you.

1.   Massage Therapy Helps Ease Pain

You can suffer from chronic pain due to slouching, improper lifting of heavy objects, injuries, and other health reasons. Massage therapy can help you manage the pain to recover faster and the changes you need in your life to avoid a repeat of the same.

Sports massage in Singapore uses different treatment methods such as deep tissue massage and more. Additionally, the therapist will consult and create a customized exercise plan to help you live a healthier life. If you suffer from back, knee, and shoulder pain, you should give massage therapy a try to alleviate your pain.

2.   You can Relieve Stress through Massage Therapy

Are you feeling stressed and frustrated due to work, school, or other issues you are dealing with in life? Massage therapy is the solution to destress and relax. The therapist applies pressure to your muscles to release muscle stress and tension, which leads to the release of feel-good hormones.

Therefore by the time your physiotherapy session is over, you will be feeling less stressed, fully relaxed and rested, and ready to tackle your issues head-on. Ensure that you communicate with your therapist about the areas you feel sore and tensed so that they can concentrate more on those areas. Remember to be open about your expectations so that your therapist can help you attain them.

3.   Massage Therapy Helps in the Recovery And Rehabilitation of Injuries

Injuries are a regular occurrence for sportspeople and people who are into intense workouts and training. However, unless your injuries heal fast and efficiently, you will be forced to avoid the sports you love participating in. If the injuries don’t heal properly, they may lead to chronic pain.

Therefore, massage therapy is vital for sportspeople and those who engage in intense workouts. Pre massage helps you relax, straighten your muscles and be ready for daily activities, while post-massage helps deal with strains, sprains, and muscle tension after the workout.


Massage therapy has many incredible benefits for athletic and non-athletic people as long as you work with a professional physiotherapist. Therefore, do thorough research about physiotherapists, their success rates, charges, and customer service before trying them. Don’t fall victim to scam therapists.

Additionally, a physiotherapist cannot help you unless they understand your problem. You should give them all the necessary information so they can make an accurate diagnosis. That way, they can recommend a treatment method that is suitable for your needs.