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Does LASIK Cause Night Vision Problems? 

LASIK is an excellent procedure that can free you from the headache of searching glasses each time you wake up. The individuals that had LASIK procedure are extremely satisfied with the results. However, one must know all about LASIK before undergoing that procedure. 

So let’s first have a brief about what LASIK actually is. 

Well, LASIK is a very common surgical procedure. It improves the vision by reshaping the cornea of the eye. LASIK is basically used to correct vision problems like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. This surgery is used all over the world and is considered as one of the successful producers ever. Millions of people around the globe have undergone this procedure. Among which only 1% faced the complications. Although, LASIK side effects are very common like dry eyes, holes, etc. But this often goes away as your eyes heal. Also lasik eye surgery cost in India is very affordable. So you don’t have to worry about these factors. One can easily afford to have this amazing procedure. 

So now you must be aware about what LASIK actually is. Let’s discuss LASIK and night vision issues. However, it is not necessary that everyone who had LASIK eye surgery will face night vision issues. These issues are usually temporary. Moreover, it is considered as a part of the healing process after the surgery. The most common night vision problems that occur after the procedure includes glare, holes, etc. These issues can cause difficulty in driving at night. Below mentioned are some points defining the causes of LASIK night vision problems:-

  • Enlarged pupils-  In some cases after the LASIK eye surgery, the pupil expands than it’s usual size. Hence causing night vision issues. Sometimes it becomes so large that when the light passes through it results in causing  glares and holes. 
  • Corneal flap issues- As you may know that a tiny corneal flap is created during the LASIK procedure. Sometimes it may happen that it fails to stick after the procedure. This can cause light to bend incorrectly hence, causing night vision problems. 
  • Another issue that can cause LASIK night vision problems is Decentered ablation. Now this occurs when the laser eye treatment fails to perfectly center over the pupil. 

However, some people are more likely to have night vision problems after LASIK eye surgery. It totally depends on certain characteristics of eyes like people with large pupils, etc. To avoid this issue, it’s better to ask your surgeon about any sort of complications or side effects in your case. After all, a surgeon will examine your eyes before LASIK eye surgery. Never ever hesitate in asking questions or any doubts You have regarding the surgery. One must feel comfortable with their surgeon. You must also ask for the cost of LASIK surgery in Delhi. By doing this you will get an approx idea about your budget.