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Do You Need a Screen Door with Magnets: 7 Things To Consider

Have you noticed that screen doors with magnets are becoming an increasingly popular home staple? Especially for those living in warmer climate or for summer homes, these innovative screen doors are becoming the talk of the town – and for good reason! Although some may find them tacky, many are reveling in the ingenuity and simplicity that they bring. If you’re on the fence of whether you want one or not, here are a few things to consider when looking for the perfect screen door with magnets to add to your home:

Great for cookouts

These popular screen doors with magnets are game changers when it comes to hosting cookouts with friends and families. We all know how weather can be, and it’s often that outdoor activities need to be shoved inside quickly as a rain storm passes by. Gathering everyone inside quickly has never been easier with a magnetic screen door. Also, if you’re the grillmaster in your house you know how hard it is to constantly be walking inside and back outside with your hands full of grilling supplies. Make the walk from the kitchen to the outdoor grill a breeze with a magnetic door with magnets that are totally hands free.

Perfect for families

Parents and guardians of young kids know that it’s nearly impossible to get kids to shut the door properly when running in and out of the house with friends. Instead of having lecture after lecture about proper door usage, let kids be kids with a magnetic screen door. Kids can burst in and out of the house with ease and you can rest easy knowing that bugs or other creepy crawlies aren’t making their way inside your home.

Keeps bugs out

As mentioned above, a magnetic screen door does wonders for families by letting fresh air in all while keeping the unwanted bugs and pests out. There is nothing better than letting in the fresh air after a summer rain storm. It makes your home smell so fresh and inviting. But the unwanted mosquitoes that find their way into your living and bedrooms are – for lack of a better description – total vibe killers. Get the best of both worlds – fresh air minus the bugs – by investing in and installing a magnetic screen door. It’s recommended that you buy two and install one in the front of your home and at the back of your home so you can get a comfortable crossbreeze traveling through your home.

Not for extreme climates

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather events like dangerously hot temperatures or bone chilling blizzards, the magnetic screen door likely isn’t for you. Since your home requires a lot of insulation to keep it at a healthy living temperature, it’s best you stick to your current door set up. This would be useful for parts of the year where your weather isn’t so extreme and you want to let some air in. Just be advised that you likely won’t get much use out of a magnetic screen door if you live in an extreme climate.

Ideal for domesticated animals

Do you enjoy giving your pets free reign when they can run around in the backyard? If you’re not always in the mood to open and close doors for your pets, consider installing a mesh screen door with magnets to make it easy for them to come and go as they please. This is especially helpful for people who have a lot of pain when standing up or are physically not able to move around often.

Durable fabric

Not all magnetic screen doors are made the same, but plenty on the market are made with durable materials that are sure to withstand some wear and tear. Magnetic screen doors that use all metal thumbtacks are desired as they have a higher likelihood of lasting longer than those that use plastic pieces. Another great quality to look for in a magnetic screen door is reinforced edges. This will ensure that it takes more time, wear and tear to effectively make some damage on your screen door. If you get one without reinforced edges, you may end up needing to buy a whole new magnetic screen door.

Easy Install

There are tons of different screen doors with magnets on the market to consider, but you’ll absolutely want to pick one that is simple to install and take down. This is especially important if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather event like heat, cold or storms. You don’t want your investment to get damaged, so it needs to be easy to take down and reinstall with the changing of the seasons. If not, it will break and you’ll end up needing to buy one with every passing storm or major temperature event.