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One of the best ways to stand out among the competition today is via digital marketing. This is especially true for businesses that operate in a particular zone for example a dentist’s clinic. To make the best of digital marketing for your business, you need a killer SEO strategy, more importantly, an effective Local SEO strategy.

Implementing a Local SEO strategy can not only boost your SERP ranking but provide you with improved organic traffic and lessen your competition. For it, you need to focus on creating Local SEO Content.

What Is Local SEO Content?

To put it in the simplest terms, Local SEO Content is SEO content designed to cater to the needs of local searchers. This includes texts, audio, and video-based content that fulfills the search intent of local searchers and their queries.

As mentioned above, for any business that targets a particular area, all your content should be aimed at locals to derive results. Although there is no particular guideline for creating the ‘best’ local content, you can use the examples below to write content that would serve your local residents better:

1. City-Specific Landing Page

Do you know the easiest way to rank for local keyword terms? It is simply by creating a city-specific landing page. This might sound obvious, but you would be surprised by the number of local-driven businesses that do not use this type of content.

With a city-specific landing page, your website’s chances of landing on the local SERP increase drastically.        You also get better traffic i.e. that has better probabilities for conversion. All because it allows local users to discover your business much faster.

2. State or Regional Landing Page

As any Digital marketing company in Lucknow, New York, San Fransisco or London, etc, would tell you – State or Regional Landing Pages are extremely important. If you have a business that operates in multiple cities, making landing pages for each one can be laboring, and tiresome – something that would definitely take up your time.

Here’s what you can do instead: create a state or regional landing page. Through these pages, you can not only give users a bigger picture of your business i.e. on a regional level but also satisfy the intent of local searches.

3. Host Local Events

Hosting local events has always been a good way to attract customers and also create a sense of community. Many businesses utilize this tool but fail to utilize it to their advantage, digitally speaking.

The more you’re proactive in announcing the hosting of local events on your website, the more traffic you attract. The math is simple: people are looking for local events because no one wants to drive hours for a good time- they want it locally! The nearer the better. So, the general population is looking for local events, if your business is hosting any such event, post it on your website and see the increase in your traffic – especially if it’s a weekend one.

4. Blog Content

Blog content is considered the holy grail of all SEO strategies for a reason: they are easily the best way to build authority. Although there are no particular metrics for website owners to measure the authority of their web pages, it is important to know that search engines, especially Google, does that it into account for the SERP rankings.

These work because one, they help build authority and credibility. Two, it shows your activeness as a website owner i.e. informs the user that the business is not outdated. And lastly, it forms social proof for searchers that the website is of high quality. All these factors help you rank better locally.

5. FAQ Pages

It goes without saying that FAQ Pages are integral to creating an effective SEO strategy for any niche but these are extremely important for creating Local SEO strategies as well! Ask any Best SEO company in Lucknow or elsewhere and they’d tell you the same!

All search engines prefer web pages that completely satisfy the search intent of search queries. When FAQs are present on a website, it provides answers to the searchers right away and in totality (that should ideally be what your content should focus on!). As such, this allows for better rankings, especially if the business is location-bound.

6. ‘Best Of’ Guides

Think of ‘Best of’ Guides as simple lists that provide your audience with a sizeable list of options that would be relevant to them or whatever they prefer. Everybody is looking online to find multiple options for specific things and services, and a ‘best of’ guide provides them with all the information they need.

Creating such content can improve your search rankings as they hold onto audiences.

7. Special offers

Who doesn’t love a good special offer or discount on a product or service in this economy? The answer is no one. Special offers are the age-old technique to stand out from the competition, even before the invention of the internet, television, the radio, or even newspapers. That bit has not changed.

These special offers and their pages help you generate organic traffic and in turn, get a better ranking on search engines. You can make the best of it by creating specials for locals only.

8. Partner with Local Events or Implement Events Calendar

Hosting local events can be overwhelming for businesses due to a number of reasons- financial ones, lack of manpower, resources, or more. If you find yourself in this category, don’t worry, try this instead – partner or collab with a local event.

This allows you to get redirected traffic from the host’s site, which increases your backlinks and builds authority for your business – both online and offline.

If you’d rather not do it, try implementing an events calendar. This simply means talking about the events taking place in your locality. Choose to highlight the ones that either align with your brand values or are related to your industry.

9. Press Pages

Press Pages are essential for good local SEO. A business that operates locally should also be represented as such, right? Press Pages i.e. coverage by local newspapers or magazines are not only important to build a reputation in the traditional sense but also help your SEO overall. The more coverage you have, and their representation on your website, the better.

Think of it this way: your target demographic i.e. the locals trust the press in their location. Any business represented in these trusted sources is also trusted by default. The more a business i.e. its website is trusted and accessed by local users, the better is their SEO ranking.

Not only that but your website also gets redirected traffic from the original Press webpages.


For all those businesses operating in a specific area, local business is the thing that would help your business grow over any other factor. More and more people are using search engines to find local services and businesses and you can tap into that potential by creating a good local SEO strategy. Use the content types given in this article to curate content that is directly aimed at the local searchers and their queries, and see your SEO strategy work magic.