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Diabetes is one of the causes of thinning hair which many of you do not know.

Hair is an essential thing of our body that many of us may not know about. Some people think of hair as an integral part of the body.

Hair is the rest of the body. Little relation to the part. Those who take good care of hair should know about hair first. Hair is a part of the body that people notice before they notice anything else in you. Hair is a keratinous filament that comes out of the epidermis and is made up of keratinized cells.

Types of human hair:

Vellus and terminals are the two types of hair that people have. Vellus hair is soft and delicate, which can be seen on the face, abdomen, and women’s back. Terminal hair is a long thick, dense black that grows on both men’s and women’s scalp and armpits.

The work of hair: 

The hair we have on our heads helps us look beautiful, saves heat, and helps keep us warm.

 Hair has three parts-

  • The part of the skin that helps to hold the hair in place is the hair shaft.
  • The soft thick bulb at the base of the hair is called the root.
  • Follicles are hair follicles that grow from the skin like a pouch.

Why hair fail-

Hair is a susceptible part of the body. As much as your hair will fall out at one stage, that’s fine. Because people lose some amount of hair every day. However, if you have a lot of hair loss, you have to accept some things to keep it. Good sleep is needed. If you don’t lead your life in the right way, you can get into trouble. Beautiful and healthy hair requires some particular vitamins or proteins. Everyone took good care of the skin, did not do the hair, will not. If the scalp is not taken care of properly, it will worsen because human hair also has beauty.

Reasons for hair fall-

Hair loss is a multifactorial problem. There is no one reason behind it. There may be many reasons for this. If I divide the whole thing into two parts, we say something is external; some say it is expected to internal.

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  • What could be among the internal factors? Hair can occur by various body elements, such as lack of calcium, iron, minerals, and PCOS in girls. Then suppose there were some other diseases. Suppose thyroid hormones cause diabetes, high blood pressure – hair loss.
  • What is the external cause? Smoking, drinking, sunlight, stress. There are some superficial reasons for this.

Why does hair fall happen in a person with diabetes?

Hair loss is the main complaint of diabetic patients. There are many reasons for this. At first, the blood circulation becomes terrible. Stress is another factor. There are two types of stress — mental and physical. And patients with diabetes tend to lose weight. Goes on a crash diet. This causes malnutrition. Hair loss is more common for this. Diabetes causes hair loss and various symptoms and problems in the body. But if you can control your blood sugar, you can counteract the effects of hair loss.

Diabetes can cause thinning hair and damage some people’s hair as it can have the following effects on the hair growth cycle:

  • Damages hair growth
  • Grows more hair than usual
  • Refrain from forming new hair

How can you control hair fall?

If you want to control hair fall, you have to use suitable products in your hair, like Strength Shampoo, the Hair Recovery Conditioner, and the Hair Growth Serum. These three products are also available for men.

  • Low blood circulation to the scalp is one of the main reasons for hair loss. You need to use the Hair Growth serum regularly if you want to increase blood circulation. You have to use this serum on your scalp for at least one day a week—Wash hair with mild Strength shampoo before using the serum.
  • If you exercise regularly, have better blood circulation to your scalp and less hair loss. So, exercise regularly.
  • Try to use this serum in your hair.
  • When the hair is significant, the ends break. The broken part of the hair should be trimmed regularly.
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