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Current Job Market Indicates Stark Demands For Skilled Workers

Based on the recently published KPMG & REC UK REPORT ON JOBS interesting market findings came to light, highlighting the current challenges for employers as well as job market trends. These results and trends reflect the data from September 2021. The findings will be discussed thoroughly throughout this article.

Some may find the data and research difficult to understand given personal experiences in the job market, but after further consideration and when taking into account additional research, the data is clarified. Nothing is as simple as it originally seems, but clarify will be provided to make the topic easily digestible.

Findings of the UK Job Report

The current demand for skilled workers exceeds the supply, frustrating employers who are in desperate need of support to meet the demand of consumers. Due to the lack of skilled workers, this has impacted the starting pay being offered by hiring companies. This can be a problem for smaller businesses who may need the additional help, but can’t afford the high cost it comes with.

In one particular category though this increase in permanent job vacancies wasn’t as apparent – executive and professional services. Regardless, despite the overall increase in vacancies there seems to be a clearly lacking supply of skilled workers to fill these empty seats in the office. It was also noted in the report that those who do fulfill qualifications of vacant positions second-guess their initial decision to switch careers or job roles within an uncertain economy.


Now, those living in the UK who have had a difficult time in their job search may find these findings difficult to believe. The report paints the job market as a promising place to get hired right on the spot, but reality proves it to be different. To explain this discrepancy further, it is helpful to look at the Institute for Fiscal Studies report. Visit this site: senorita

Despite this dramatic increase in job openings, the vacancies are still open at lower rates for a quarter of the workforce than before the pandemic. The vacancies that are available are mostly available in low-paying jobs, not offering much stability or security to workers. Higher paying jobs that are often filled by graduates and/or women are still at a minimum of 10% lower than before the pandemic.

Furthermore, there is a severe lack of skilled possible employees. Many who are seeking jobs simply don’t have the skillset needed to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of vacancies in industries that offer to pay a living and higher wage. The optimal solution for this dire problem is for the job seekers to improve their skills and for the potential employees to offer support when they decide to move jobs.

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This is somber news, but overall the implications of this open job market with either mainly low-paying jobs or unskilled people applying for high-paying positions are dire. The UK has seen how this has already impacted the supply chain so far, and it’s unfortunately only likely to get worse. Examples of this impact on the economy include the lacking produce in grocery stores and empty gas stations.

As the supply chain disruptions and disturbances continue, more and more businesses will face challenges in staying profitable and afloat. This of course has further implications, and the stability of the economy will very much be in question.

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No matter what you decide, and how the job market impacts your business, there are solutions to support you in this unstable and unsettling time!