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Critical Contrasts Among IUI and IVF Methodology

There are many differences between IUI and IVF methodology, but there are also similarities. Both treatments are based on a patient’s own sperm and require healthy ovaries and a functioning fallopian tube. IUIs may be a poor choice for some couples due to a low success rate, such as those who have blocked tubes, while IVF is more expensive per conception.

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Process of implantation

Both IUI and IVF are considered assisted reproductive technologies. Both use the sperm and eggs of an unmarried man to conceive a child.A woman takes fertility medication, prescribed by a fertility specialist, to stimulate her ovaries and help the process of egg retrieval.  After egg retrieval, she is given a sedative. A short period later, an ultrasound will be performed to check the development of the embryo. If a heartbeat is detected during the process of implantation, there is a 90-95% chance of a live birth.

Ending Line

The success rate of an IUI is usually only about 50%, while the success rate of IVF is around 90 percent, even with high sperm count. The success rates with IUI are cumulative over time, and it is important to note that older women with lower ovarian reserve are often not viable candidates for this procedure. The cost of the procedure varies by clinic and region, but can be between $400 and $4000 for a single cycle. By comparison, the costs of in-vitro fertilization are upwards of $18,000 to $25000.