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Crane Safety Tips for Construction Companies in Perth

If you plan to visit Perth, you have to check out the most famous tourist spots before anything else. One tourist attraction you might like to visit is the Swan River, where you can do different outdoor activities. Another popular tourist attraction in Perth is The Bell Tower that looks more like an alien spaceship or a rocket. And if you want a glimpse of the tallest skyscraper in Perth, do not forget about the Brookfield Place found within the Brookfield Place office complex.

All of the mentioned tourist attractions in Perth cannot exist without construction companies. They also cannot finish their construction without having the necessary construction equipment like cranes. You would usually find the services of Crane Hire in Perth in construction sites for workers to haul large, heavy construction materials to high places. But have you ever thought about the different safety measures they take when using a crane? You can find several crane safety tips that all construction companies follow.

Safety Tip #1: Conduct Proper Equipment Inspection

Like with any other construction equipment, workers need to inspect the entire crane system for any issues that could cause an uneventful disaster later on. They need to check the hoist, boom, counterweight, tower, hoist rope, jib, and other moving components. Most of the time, construction companies would hire crane technicians to ensure every inch of the crane is properly inspected.

Safety Tip #2: Conduct Proper Crane Site Inspection

Before hiring the services of Crane Hire in Perth, contractors need to check the entire construction site where the crane will be placed. Usually, it will not be a problem if they use mobile cranes because they can quickly move them anywhere. But if they get a tower crane, they will need to survey the area because there might be several obstructions that the crane could hit.

Construction companies in Perth also need to consider the terrain of their site. basic body weight exercises Placing any crane system on uneven ground is extremely dangerous because there is a possibility that the crane might fall. And lastly, they need to ensure that the weather is not too violent once the crane’s tower extends. Strong winds can cause both the crane and the load to sway uncontrollably, which could cause worksite accidents.

Safety Tip #3: Only Certified Workers Can Operate the Crane

Even if you have years of experience working on a construction site and know how the crane works, it is highly inadvisable to operate a crane without proper training and certification. Only certified crane operators who have passed training can use the crane. Operating takes a ton of patience, precision, and a focused mind to ensure the load does not sway too much or fall.

Safety Tip #4: No Workers Should Stand Below the Crane Operation Area

A common mistake that inexperienced workers in Melbourne would make is to stand directly below the load once the crane lifts it. It is extremely dangerous because there is a possibility that the load hoist might break, the primary and secondary brakes might fail, or the load’s heavy contents might fall. Every worker should be responsible enough and have the common sense to stay clear from the crane operation area to prevent serious accidents.

If you have future construction projects and are looking for a construction company, ensure that they know everything about crane safety. Every experienced construction team in Perth will always have proper training and knowledge for being safe around cranes.