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Crack the RBI Grade B Exam in 60 Days!

The RBI Grade B exam is around the corner. But do you know that you can cover the exam in less than 60 days? Yes, you heard it right. If you think that you have that die-hard determination and are ready to go through anything to reach your destiny, then it is never too late for you. With that determination and the right attitude, balanced with the right approach and preparation strategy, you can definitely crack the exam.

So, if you are ready, we are here to help you with your preparation. We have some useful tips and hope you know the RBI Grade B Syllabus very well.

Steps to Crack the RBI Grade B Exam in 60 Days

Step 1: Take mock tests

Once you are familiar with the syllabus, start right away with taking mock tests, and in this less than 60 days, try to take as many tests as possible. During this period, if you come across a few concepts that are new to you, then after taking the mock test, try to study such topics and make short notes on them, if you think you have time for it or else, just move on. Analyse your errors in the mock tests and draw out your strengths and weaknesses and start working on your weaknesses and fortifying your strengths. Taking mock tests will give you confidence, which is the key to success in any examination. 

Step 2: Pick the right books

Choose a few and the right study materials over several books. Every RBI Grade B expert and candidate who has cleared the exam definitely recommend certain books as must-haves, as they clear all the basic doubts and help candidates to score high – not only in prelims but also in mains. Make a note of important topics from each subject, or while taking mock tests, mark all the words you come across and work on those which you find difficult and easier to have a glance at. 

Step 3: General Awareness section is the key

General Awareness is the paper on which candidates can score the highest. This means more attention should be given to it. Covering each subject that is likely to come in the prelims is the best approach, yet remember one thing: neither allow in your mind that your days of preparation are numbered nor are they abundant.

Some important preparation tips are as follows:

  • It is not recommended to give preference to any particular book or area, just thinking that questions might be asked from them.

  • Give equal importance to easy questions, as well as conventional subjects like economics, history, geography and polity.

Step 4: Solve previous years’ papers

Practise at least the past five years of question papers, as you will get familiarised with the kind of questions asked in the exam, along with the pattern.  It has been observed that while the same questions are not repeated, the subjects from which these questions are formed are repeated often. 

Step 5: Revise

It is absolutely essential to keep revising what you have already learnt if you have less time left. You should not try to read everything at once. There are some special portions of the syllabus which need to be completed and revised before the exam.

If you are ready to do anything to face the RBI Grade B Exam, then start preparing with the attitude “now or never”, and it’s time to put forth those steps into smart work with less hard work.


This is the time you have to keep your calm and think only about your success in the RBI Grade B exam.