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Cox VS. Verizon FiOS: Which Is Right For You?

Cox Communications and Verizon FiOS are two of the most popular internet providers in America.

They offer different services, but both deliver reliable high-speed broadband to their customers. Which should you choose?

Internet Speeds

While Verizon FiOS provides internet connection only through Fiber optic, Cox gives options to its customers between Cable and Fiber.

Both Verizon FiOS and Cox provide lightning-fast internet to their customers. Cox offers speed up to 940 Mbps while Verizon FiOS offers up to Gbps.

While looking for flexible options regarding internet speeds, Cox has a broader range than Verizon FiOS. Cox offers speed in between 25 Mbps to 940 Mbps, with a lot of options in between. While with Verizon FiOS, you can either opt for a speed of 500 Mbps or 1Gbps.

Cost, Data & Installation Fees


Compared to Cox’s fiber internet plans, Verizon’s fiber internet plans are more affordable for customers who need faster speeds.

For example, for 500Mbps, Cox charges $69.99 while Verizon for the same speed charges $54.99.

Verizon is a winner.

Data Allowance

When it comes to data allowance, which is an essential factor while discussing internet plans, Verizon is secretive. For example, Verizon doesn’t specify how much data is included in each of their plans.

With Cox’s internet plans, customers can access more than 1000GB of data each month. This is generally enough for the average household in most cases.

Installation Fees

With installation costs of $100, it’s a tie in Cox vs. Verizon FiOS for fiber internet installation.

The self-Installation option is also available for customers who Cox, which will cost them only $20.

If you order online through Verizon, they’ll waive the upfront cost, which is an attractive deal for all customers.


The service areas of both Cox and Verizon are limited.

Cox Communications offers its services in 18 different states.

Verizon FiOS offers its services mainly along the East Coast in 10 different states.

Customer Service

Customer Service of both Cox & Verizon is decent. Both the companies have an equal amount of positive and negative reviews from their customers online.

In addition, customer support on the website of both these companies is impressive. Chat options are also available if you cannot talk on the phone.

Cox guarantees an on-time support service as customers often complain that technicians arrive late or never even show up.

To make their customers happy, Cox offers $20 credits to those who experience lateness, and users can also request refunds within 30 days and get cable boxes installed for free.

The real-time chat system of Verizon is an excellent feature of their customer service. It’s a tie between Cox & Verizon.

Feature Comparisons

Features Cox Communications Verizon FiOS
Unlimited Data x
High-Speed Internet
Contract-Free Plans x
TV Service
Phone Service x

Overall verdict? Internet services of both Cox Communications and Verizon FiOS are excellent. However, Cox has more plans as compared to Verizon.

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