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Comparing Lovoo to Tinder

Both Tinder and Lovoo have their merits, but there are some notable differences between them. Tinder’s infamous fake profiles are not the only problem with Lovoo. There are two interesting features of Lovoo that distinguish it from its rival:

Lovoo focuses on bringing people together with similar interests and desires. You can meet and chat with people who share your interests and goals, without having to worry about developing romantic feelings. Users are typically between 18-35 years old and male. The app does have a premium version, but that feature isn’t available on the free version. It is also important to note that LOVOO allows you to exchange diamonds and credits in exchange for free membership.

Lovoo offers a wider user base than Tinder, and is less penetrant. Users can create a profile by choosing their age and gender, and then add photos and personal information. The app is nutzer-friendly, but still has some flaws. It sometimes fights with fake profiles and requires users to upload photos. Additionally, it pushes you to purchase in-app items. Hence, a comparison between these two dating apps is important.

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Another notable feature of Lovoo is its live streaming feature. You can live stream videos of yourself streaming on Lovoo, and earn credits for your efforts. You can also share your live video stream on Lovoo. Streaming live video is another unique feature that sets this app apart from the competition. It’s also possible to view recent activity on the profile of another user. There are several differences between the two dating applications, but these differences are mainly cosmetic.

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